Adeosun, simply put, is very corrupt, a fraudster and a cheat - Why Buhari should send her to Jail.

Adeosun, simply put, is very corrupt, a fraudster and a cheat
By Saintmoses Eromosele

One quick question I have for anyone who tries to justify the Forgery and Perjury of Mrs Adeosun or shield her from the statutorily mandatory prosecution, is, in the words of my friend and influencer of parts of this article, Mr Osezuwa Isiwele who asked a poignant question;

"Where will Isiwele, Nurudeen and SME be now, if they are in possession of an expired driving licence talkless of a forged document?"

The answer to the above-mentioned question is straightforward; jail or detention. It has happened before, to a northerner, Salisu Buhari, who was a beloved Speaker of the House of Representatives. He went to jail for forging a Toronto certificate (Before you say NYSC is meaningless, know that Toronto Certificate too is meaningless to become a Speaker under our laws).

So, why should Adeosun be treated differently even after her overseeing a poorly managed Ministry of Finance as the worst Minister of Finance in Nigeria since 1947?

I agree with the PDP's patriotic call for immediate prosecution of Adeosun who in her own letter has admitted to have committed the crime of Forgery and Perjury, if for nothing else but to test the genuineness of the Buhari's regime's Bojuboju Against Corruption.

I want to believe that when this case is tested in the law courts, it would also reveal that Kemi Adeosun was never a Minister of the Federal republic. I know the courts will go as far as instructing her to refund all the salaries and allowances she dubiously collected as a dishonorable Minister, being proceeds of a crime.

She couldn't even stop lying. She waited for investigation to catch her red handed before resigning. If she was truly a Uk-born and educated, honour demanded that she turned in her resignation immediately the scandal broke or 24 hours later - not wasting public funds for investigation that eventually proved that she was guilty. A judge would surely raise the punishment for such crooked behavior.

In her resignation letter she told fresh lies confirming her now odious reputation as a pathological liar, a cheap and ignorant one at that. It's a pity such a low life was made Minister of Finance in a country that boasts of tens of thousands of First Class Accountants who patriotically served, and are serving Nigeria, also even those who, though didn't serve but didn't lie about their situation. Even better known Davido chose to serve Nigeria.

The first question to prove that Adeosun is a pathological liar is to ask her "Who submitted the now confirmed certificate to the Senate for confirmation?" Third Parties? Never. It is a poor lie for anyone to claim that "trusted aides" helped in obtaining NYSC discharge certificate.

Some of us are quite conversant with the procedures of the NYSC and can answer the question of how a Nigerian graduate applies for exemption. The following questions give a clue;

Who signs for and collects the exemption letter? Who issues the exemption letter? Can it be issued to third party? The answer to the last question is "No". NYSC does not deal in proxy, they deal with only corp members or those applying for exemption, and in person. So how does "trusted associates" now come in?

Mrs Adeosun should bury the "trusted associates" hogwash, and apologise for that new lie invented to cover other lies. Her claim in her poorly edited resignation letter lacking in originality (she copied the letter from the parodies by Mrs Victoria Ibezim Ohaeri and Mr Ray Ekpu without any acknowledgement to them) revealed the mind of a pathological liar, arrogantly ignorant fake expert, and dumb intellectual. It further exposes her as a regular customer of "Oluwole Press" (Fake Documents' Mill) to the point she even forged her NYSC discharge certificate. How are we now sure about the genuineness of her Bachelor and Master Degrees?

So, that lowlife lying fellow was actually Minister of Finance in Nigeria? Well, anything is possible under this APC regime - one in which the heads of both the party and the government are yet to clear their names of similar forgery accusations.

Little wonder why the Naira has died and why the greatest economy in Africa that the PDP handed over to the APC in 2015 is today Africa's poster child for A National Economic Disaster.

Because ignorance of the law is not an excuse to break the law, Kemi must be made to pay for her sins - her crime. Let her taste what Salisu Buhari tasted. What is good for northerners is also good for southerners.

Adeosun, simply put, is very corrupt, a fraudster and a cheat - Why Buhari should send her to jail.

This case should be tested in court. If this government of certificate forgers, and election riggers, refused to take it to court, then they should know that Adeosun has finally driven the nails into the coffin of the Buhari's Bojuboju Against Corruption.

Saintmoses Eromosele (aka SME) is the Executive Director of Oneghe Sele Foundation, Irrua - Edo State and he writes from Braunschweig, Germany.