Group berates Sectional media for aiding Boko Haram,ask Nigerians to support the Military.


The Coalition of Civil Society Groups against Terrorism in Nigeria, has expressed worry over what it described as the unprofessional approaches, being engaged by some media organizations, particularly some online Newspapers, in reporting the activities of the Boko Haram sect, which the group claimed are aimed at promoting the operation of the insurgents, in the North Eastern Nigeria.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday, and jointly signed by Comrade Odeyemi Oladimeji and Barrister John Atani, its Convener and Registrar respectively, the group expressed worry over what he called undue patronage being given to the terrorist sect by these media organizations, as it maintained that such publicity emboldens the terrorists and make them extremely proactive in their deadly operations.

The group cited the recent isolated attacks and attempts by the terrorists to overrun some military formations in Yobe and Borno States as example, saying "while these media groups and their social media hands were quick to announce the attack on some location of Nigerian troops recently in Yobe and last weekend at Gudumbali, Borno State, they refused to be fair, in subsequently informing the public that these terrorists were almost immediately repelled and every invaded locations back under the control of Nigeria's military. We consider this as not only encouraging these criminal elements, but also as a means of demoralizing our gallant troops, who are fighting day and night to keep the country safe, and return sanity to the affected region of the country".

‘‘We want Nigerians and the entire world to realize, that overtime, these terrorists have been extremely proactive with the use of information dissemination. As such, we need to counter all they are doing, in the interest of our National security, and the protection of lives of our people in the affected areas. That is why we are calling on these media groups including their foreign collaborators, particularly the AFP, to stop giving Boko Haram attacks, the kind of publicity they are giving them because that is what keeps them going."

"For the sake of records, before the advent of the current administration, Boko Haram terrorist were controlling almost 16 local government areas in the country. As of today, they are not controlling any of our territories. As with the case of terrorism the world over, upon their defeat and decimation, they often resort to desperate measures like isolated attacks on soft targets . What the Nigerian Army and it's leadership needs now is the support and encouragement of all patriotic Nigerians as they begin their final onslaught against the remnants of the Boko Haram terrorist group, and not mudslinging or wicked propagandas as been observed .The statement said.

While calling on media practitioners to be patriotic in reporting the actual situation in the North East, the group also urged the media to crosscheck their facts with the military authorities before going to the press, as this will ensure a balanced reportage and inform Nigerians about the true situation of happenings, at all time.