Youths’ group backs Saraki for 2019 presidency

By The Nigerian Voice

A sociopolitical group, Grow Nigeria Initiatives has declared her support in favour of the Senate president, Dr. Abubukar Bukola Saraki to contest for presidency in the 2019 general elections and therefore cautioned against his forceful removal as Senate president by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

In a press briefing signed on Monday by Mr. Eberechukwu Oguanobi (Director Media/ Publicity) in Abuja, the group pledged support for Saraki who it said has the capacity to extricate our nation and millions of its youths from the grip of messengers of bad governance, impunity, despotism, cabalism and ethnic jingoism.

The statement reads, “The declaration of Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki for the 2019 presidency is a clear platform for Nigerian youths to prove that our faith does not lay within the statistics but within ourselves. His declaration is a platform for the youth to join hands with one of their own to bring to an end the government of President Muhammadu Buhari that has brought so much misery, sweat, sorrows and tears to our country people”.

“The reasons for this clarion call on the youth are numerous. Our economy is broken. Unemployment is at an alarming stage. Businesses are shutting down and jobs are being lost in record numbers. Nigeria is perhaps more divided now than ever before along regional, religious and ethnic lines. Many of our children are hungry. The harsh conditions of extreme poverty faced by about 87 million Nigerians (majority of them youths) who have fallen below basic living standards have now sealed Nigeria’s position as the country with the highest number of people in extreme poverty under the Buhari and APC administration”.

“All Nigerian youths going together must accept that we do not deserve to live in the poverty capital of the world. It is not where we are coming from but where we are going that counts. The choice we face in the forthcoming election is either to keep things as they are with Buhari on the saddle or make a radical departure from the old ways by supporting a true progressive. We must fix the problem with our vote for Saraki or we keep compounding them by allowing Buhari to continue in his clueless agenda beyond 2019. The choice is that of the Nigerian youths”.

“The president of our collective dream in 2019 must be one that is fearless and undaunted in defending, upholding and promoting the rule of law, detribalized, and must be a motivator to inspire our youth and not the one that calls them lazy and uncomplimentary names at international fora. The president we desire now and always, most importantly, must be eligible, fit and healthy. Doubtless, the Nigerian people have seen how much in his courtesy, generosity, humanity and patriotism Senator Saraki conformed to the picture Nigerians drew of their leader”, the group stated.

Oguanobi noted that Saraki has demonstrated leadership capacity and knowhow right from Kwara when he led the state to enviable heights for 2 tenures alongside at the senate from 2015 to date with much positive impacts adding that Dr. Saraki sees the Nigerian youths as his number one constituency and he also regards them as the feature of our great country.

The spokesperson also said Saraki believes the youths are critical to rebuilding and restoring our national pride, hence the association will mobilize all Nigerian youths for their own.