Nigeria's Former Senate President Blasts President Trump Over Derogatory Remarks On President Buhari

Neither President Buhari nor Nigerians are perturbed by your accustomed rant.
By The Nigerian Voice

Your Excellency, Sir
An Open Reply To President Trump's On His "Crazy Obsession With Racial Bigotries"

May I salute the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald John Trump. Though, I know you are infatuated with perverse leadership ideologies, barren and confined to a culture imprisoned in the walls of your white skin.

But, at least, you are the political leader of America, a country truly great by all n ces. It is one nation, which unceasingly strives to make the world better and itable for all races, So, my salutation is indirectly to America. But I dare say, America has been unfortunate tomavea President in your personality, Mr. Trump. I am aware history, has recorded your parentage as either migrants from Germany or Sweden into America's New York City, the largest base of migrants at that point in history. But whatever interpretation anyone gives to it, it does not obviate the mmutability of your life as basically shrouded in controversies and confused history, which you seek today to trumpet in racial bigotry.

Mr. President, you grew up in the New York neighbourhoods with dozens of migrants from other countnes of the world; some biack and others white skinned like you. But it has never impacted any positive perception of ether races, outside your own biological race, vhich I doubt you know accurately. Your hatred for other races, especially blacks and Arabs while trumpeting bigoted white supremacy has been deeply entrenched in you even as a toddler.

I was not surprised a few days ago when the Finanancial Times Magazine reported in an article, comments credited to you which alluded to your April 30, 2018 encounter with Nigerians President Muhammed Buhari as "lifeless". Hsd Mr President not contrived an odd or derogative comments to pass on President, we would have doubted whether Our President actually paid you an official visit.

But only those who have not devoted time to monitor yourpersonality would be amazed at your latest display of tomfoolery. One recalls that in 2016, you, Mr. Trump allegedly described some African countries as "shithole". You later denied the comments, upon realization of its absurdity and indecorousness.

I feel the latest instance of the denigration of our venerated President Buhari would not be different. You top the chart of a world leader verbally assaulting nearly 500 personalities across the world. There is nothing now, you would say on anybody that would move me or compel me to even think it is even true.

Nigerians like the rest of the world are not surprised at.ouf latest utterances on Buhari. Even among bonafide Americans, President Trump discriminates; injures the dignity and pride of any other person, insofar as he is not a folk from his confused roots as Sweden or a German- Am11. Quite abnormal with you, you feel in the innermost recesses of your heart that no American can tally your talents. So, you are devoid of the collective feelings of Americans and America as a nation desirous to build bridges of friendship across the globe.

Throughout your campaigns for the Presidency, these racial cheap talks and baseless slighting were the hallmark of it. Therefore, your disdain and contempt for other citizens of the world are gleaned and understood, after all, you rode on such crest to the Presidency through the elitist Electoral College. And you must strive to sustain it and so, everyone else apart from you, is lifeless.

President Trump, your inclination has embalmed you with very aversive instincts and hatred for black people and the Arabs particularly. Trump who translucently lacks stately scruples of any hue impulsively feels you epitomise excellence in whatever human endowment.

Thus, in the jet age, your every shadow is disappointing, uncomfortable, very un- presidential. You bully, nag, chat carelessly on your tweeter handle and very undiplomatic in your utterances. You perceive the entire world and its leaders as one huge jungle of darkness, only you is imbued with the wisdom to illuminate.

But your flaunted strength of character is shattered by your personal foibles, which implies that you are not completely unconquerable by innate weaknesses. And perhaps, even in your delusion of "full of life," you represent the worse specimen of human Ieaders.

Whether, Mr. President's comments were meant to ridicule President Buhari before the comity of world leaders, what is clear is that the Nigerian leader's sophistry in character by far outstrips the highest moral benchmark of you, Mr. Trump.

Past records have serially recorded you as an adulterer, divorcer and tax evader, personal and state crimes in your "fullness of life " cannot align with President Buhari's "lifelessness."

Mr. President, ifyou think yourself accomplished in life as a businessman and politician in your country; President Buhari replicates such records in Nigeria, as a fulfilled retired Army General and democratic leader of Nigeria.

The gulf between you two leaders is that while President Buhari knows the difference between military service and democratic leadership; you, President Trump can hardly differentiate between business and political leadership wisdom.

And it explains why you spews balderdash al lthe times, in the illusive belief that any other leader in the world is like a staff under your business conglomerate, where you bark orders and insults unchallenged as the Chief Executive Officer.

Both of you fall within the same age bracket. If any leader has life among the duo, it should be President Buhari because he has no moral baggage hanging on his neck like, you, President Trump. This much was even confirmed by you over Buhari's battle against corruption when he visited your country in April.

President Buhari lives a decent life, free from alcohol or cigarettes. His personal family is a model of emulation in Nigeria, Africa and the world. And as a leader, he does not indulge in un-presidential conduct nor believe in "high street" life or sense unlike other wayward leaders around the world in defiance of the basic standards required of such apex offices.

If President Buhari's observance of these positive virtues is your definition of lifelessness, we have no problem as Nigerians in electing him our leader. And Buhari's choice as our leader is God's special intervention in the regeneration project of Nigeria.

President Buhari, unlike the very lively President of the United States has never been accused of forcing women into any relationship with him at any point in life. Also, unlike the delight of leaders in the West, it is against Africa's cherished cultures and traditions for a leader to be dogged by accusations of rape, forceful marriage and other demeaning scandals.

These negativities may be considered as fun in the United States and other parts of the west. But our amiable President and Leader in Africa has never deviated from his strong religious convictions and positive family values. If he restrained himself at younger age, he cannot adopt such lifestyle as favorite past time at his octogenarian age, at a time God has entrusted him with the destinies of over 200 million Nigerians.

I am not surprised that those who have monitored you, President Trump across the globe pass the verdict of a hypocritic and scandalous personality, who is perpetually under heat like a menstruating woman. Therefore, elevating your racial bigotry to the frightening limits of deriding other world leaders, only points to your leadership emptiness. Neither President Buhari nor Nigerians are perturbed by your accustomed rant. You should concentrate on solving the multiple problems of America than dissipate energy on valueless outbursts.

I thankyou for your audience.
SIGNED: Sen. Ameh Ebute CON, Former President of the Senate, Federal Republic of Nigeria.