Today's Christian Devotion 31 - 08 - 2018

By The Nigerian Voice

Matt 13:24."Another parable put he forth unto them,saying,The kingdom of Heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field,vs25 But while men slept,his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat,and went his way.

I pray for you this morning, 1. Any evil visitor sowing evil seeds in your life,shall be destroyed in jesus name amen. 2. Any evil plantation of the enemies in your foundation,shall be uprooted by fire,in the name of jesus amen.3.

Any evil decisions taken against you in the kingdom of darkness shall go back to the sender in jesus name amen.4.Any evil power calling your spirit in the hours of the night shall die,in jesus name amen.5.

Any evil meeting organised against you in the night and day shall back fire in jesus name amen.6.Any evil mirror the enemy is using to see into your life shall break into pices in jesus name amen.7.

Any power calling ur name in the grave,or at night shall die,in the name of jesus amen. God shall arise and fight ur battle and give u victory in Jesus name, amen.

Good morning and may God bless your going out and your coming in, in Jesus name amen.