Ogoni Self-government Strengthens Collective Self-defence

By Ogeco Ogeco

As thousands of Ogonis gather in their capital, Bori; to mark the sixth anniversary of their self-government declaration; President of Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority, OCIA, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo said the Ogoni self-rule has made progress, and remains focused on two-policy strategy.

These are: Food Security and General Security of People and Property. Diigbo explained that with the growing support; “the overall self-government approach is to empower Ogonis and rebuild our nation’s liberty in freedom.”

“Our self-government came into this world like a new born baby, and under your care, has learned how to crawl, stand, and walk,” said the Ogoni president, while speaking in a live telecast to mark the Ogoni Self-Government Declaration of August 2, 2012.

Diigbo praised his fellow Ogonis, saying “the way you continue to nurture our baby illustrates your sense of responsibility, with a display of rare faith and unusual will.”

August 2, 2018 makes its sixth-year since the Ogoni people declared self-government to enforce the United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, adopted in New York on September 13, 2007.

Diigbo announced that “Ogoni district councils, and the provinces, now have greater security autonomy – a key for them to tap into a stronger self-defence network, with collective self-defence on call.”

About the UNEP Report, he said the document, which speaks to petroleum devastation of Ogoniland, remains an important reference material for the general knowledge of how bad petroleum policies and practices, as well as, double-standard impact economic globalization. He told the celebrants that his fellow Ogoni elites contributed to the failure of the Ogoni UNEP report, through corrupt engagement for greedy motive. “I hope they now stop blaming other people and institutions,” Diigbo cautioned.

“By design, such a report expires after six months to one year, and now seven years; its validity comes into question. Any attempt to suggest implementation at this time is mere deceit, without a proper joint review which is the proper thing to do,” Diigbo asserted.

Thousands children, men and women, and visitors had joined in the self-government celebration, which featured cultural displays, celebration dances throughout the capital, Bori, and ceremonial assembly at the Ken Saro-Wiwa Freedom Centre.

Tambari Deekor
OCIA Director of Public Affairs, [email protected]