PDP Diaspora Initiative Calls the Defection of APC Senators “a Good Thing for Nigeria”

By PDP Diaspora Initiative
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Houston TX, USA: The PDP Diaspora Initiative (PDI), a non-profit organization, headquartered in the United States of America, and composed of people of Nigerian descent living in all parts of the world, has congratulated the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for their new role as the majority party in the Senate.

On Tuesday, July 24, the All Progressives Congress (APC) saw a drastic reduction of its Senators from 63 to 48 members. As a result, APC lost its majority status in the upper legislative chamber. The opposition party, PDP, also saw a big gain, rising from 43 lawmakers to 58, to become the majority party. The change was due to the defection of 15 APC lawmakers to PDP.

“This is a most welcome development and a good thing for Nigeria,” PDI Founder and National Chair Hon. Victoria Pamugo said.“Nigerians are going through hardship all across the country and this APC administration does not seem to care. This development means that the cries of Nigerians from East to West, North to South, are not in vain,” she said.

“APC has frustrated every Nigerian, and we expect our leaders to do the right thing. So we congratulate PDP for their gain,” Hon. Pamugo said.

As its August 4th official inauguration ceremony draws near, PDI is setting up logistics for an engaging encounter between all its members and stakeholders who will be descending upon Houston, Texas, USA, from various parts of the world.

“We are all united by our desire to help build a better, safer, stronger and more prosperous Nigeria for all,” Hon. Pamugo said. “We are a hands-on organization, a voice for the voiceless, with mandate to educate our brothers and sisters back home of the power they have through their votes, their responsibilities and expectations,” she said.

PDI was established to sensitize, mobilize and educate Nigerians to vote wisely, as well as hold their elected officials accountable on their promises. For more information about PDI, please visit www.pdpdiasporainitiative.com .

Chidi Igwe
National Publicity Secretary
PDP Diaspora Initiative