Revealed: How Senator Saraki Outsmarted The Security Agents

By The Nigerian Voice

The mystery of Senator Aaraki’s escape from the security agents that laid seige on his Residence has been revealed . A source close to the Senator has disclosed that “ No “Jazz” was involved. Saraki read their script before hand and made fool of them.

They have been mounting surveillance on him since Sunday. He realized their intention quickly and decided to move out last night in his convoy. He alighted from his car disguised, used a different vehicle then another of his aide disguised as Saraki and sat on his seat while they returned home. Saraki went into the NASS complex disguised and slept in the office. The police that mounted the surveillance at his residence saw them drive in last night and thought it was still Saraki seating at his corner of the car. Who is the Mafia now? . It's good to be on top of your game always”

Meanwhile, the security agents who bought Saraki’s dummy were parading and displaying show of force in his residence while Saraki was at his office awaiting the commencement of the plenary which he chaired.