By NBF News

Ngwa women in Lagos under the aegis Asa Amator Women Organization of are crying for help over the incessant insecurity in their land. The women organisation is calling on relevant authorities in the state and the nation to rescue the area by coming up with lasting solutions to kidnappings that have resulted to untold hardship, fear, insecurity, loss of lives and premature deaths in the area.

Speaking to Saturday Sun , Dr. Mrs. Chinyere Ogbonna, the coordinator of the group said that she is worried about the present trend of events, which is alien to them. ' We are so concerned and worried because the present trend of events is alien to us, especially its effect on us and the reputation of Ngwa land. Our hearts bleed, that the once peaceful, hospitable and guest loving people of Ngwa people are now branded negatively because of the activities of men of the under world who have chosen the area as a fertile ground for their nefarious activities.'

According to her, the activities of these hoodlums are now separating families, kindred and those outside the country are scared to the marrow to visit home. She maintained that the safety of their parents and siblings is uncertain. In her words, she said, ' The safety of our parents and siblings is uncertain. Those of us outside but within the country are almost in exile in our own country.

Our husbands, brothers and children hardly visit their homes again. The periodic family meetings for the progress of the communities are no longer attended. Contrary to our culture and tradition, our husbands give their children out in marriage outside our native compounds. Many are compelled to bury their dead in their various areas of domicile, which to an Ngwa man may keep him in perpetual agony.'

With this negative development, Ogbonna said their people are now wondering if it is not a calculated strategy to keep them in self-exile perpetually.