Nigerians In The Netherlands To Storm ICC For A Protest Rally Against Buhari's Government

By The Nigerian Voice

Hundreds of Nigerians resident in The Netherlands and other friends of Nigeria will hold a peaceful demonstration at the International criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, venue of one of President Buhari's events while in The Netherlands.

A release from the organizers direct all Nigerians to assemble at Oude Waalsdorpweg 10, The Hague (ICC Headquarters) between 10:00 am to 13:00pm tomorrow, Tuesday, 17th July 2018. The protest is intended to draw the attention of President Buhari on the unacceptable state of insecurity in Nigeria, culminating to wantom killings of Nigerians by the herdsmen.

The peaceful demonstartion will highlight other angst held against the government by Nigerian diasporeans in The Netherlands. Participants are advised to dress in black colour.

Some Nigerians in The Netherlands are surprised that with President Buhari's alleged crimes against humanity and alleged known humanrights abuses which ICC have been severally intimated, the same ICC found him to be a friend as to invite him.

The masacre of unarmed IPOB members by security forces under President Buhari's supervision, the massacre of the shite moslem members and the genocidal herdsmen who kill at will without any known conscequence for their actions are among the reasons why many Nigerians are surprised at ICC's invitation.