It Is Vulgar Nationalism To Claim That Kikuyus Are A Blessed Race

By Alexander Opicho
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Among the hullaballoo that greeted a song Hatuna Deni( we owe no one a debt) played to rally the Kikuyu community against the 2022 Presidential bid by William Ruto was the reckless thinking and verbal out-put by a Kikuyu politician that the Kikuyu community is a blessed race, hence it has a divine right to rule Kenya for ever. This statement was reported in the lead story by the Nairobi Star Newspaper on 9th July 2018. The person that composed the song and the politician that claimed the Kikuyus to be a blessed race both come from Gatundu South Constituency. This is also the constituency of President Uhuru Kenyatta. The song and the political statement are made at the time when the Kikuyu community is expected to honour the agreement they had with the William Ruto that they will vote for him to be the president in 2022 as a recompense to William Ruto for having successfully rallied his Kalenjin community to vote for Uhuru Kenyatta in the past two consecutive presidential terms. Thus the claim of blessed race and the message in the song are wild and outrageous overtones of breach of the contract by the Kikuyu community. But the fact is that the Kikuyu are not a blessed race, neither do we have any blessed race on earth. We only have a human race which is blessed because it was created in God’s image.

Kikuyus are the second largest community in East Africa after the Luhya. Though the Kikuyu community is a community with a lot of misfortunes; it has the largest number of people who are landless, the largest of people leading in crime around East African region, it is a community that leads REGION in the supply of cheapest sex-workers both male and female, the majority of Kikuyu families live in the extremely impoverished slums of Mukuru Kwa Njega, Mukuru Kwa Nyayo and Mukuru Kwa Reuben on the outskirts of Nairobi, It is a community with the leading number of primary school dropouts as well as the illiterate youths, I mean the Kikuyu are the scum of the earth who have only a very small number of dirty rich men that accumulated riches through crime, corruption, political correctness and social dishonesty.

The origin of Narcissistic emotionalism among the Kikuyu emanates from Jomo Kenyatta’s presidency. Jomo Kenyatta used to appoint his family members, relatives and the kikuyu tribes- men to own all blue collar government jobs, good lands in the rift valley, good jobs in the military as well the government ministries. During Jomo Kenyatta’s time you were to be a Kikuyu before you can get a good and meaningful job with the government. This type of politics made the Kikuyu women and men to think that they are a blessed race. But this is not a new social phenomenon in politics; the Baganda of Uganda had a Kabaka Yekka syndrome before the masses rebelled serially against them through Milton Obote, Idi Amin and now Yoweri Museveni. The study of French Revolution and Second World causes show that the most foolish human being on earth is the one who accumulates riches using tricks of dirty politics while he or she is surrounded by the waxening sea of impoverished people only made poor by dirtiness in the prevailing politics. They are such like social realities in European history that have made me not to hold any blame against Adolf Hitler for what he did on the Jews.

The current social statistics in Kenya shows that the Turkana Community have the highest percentage of children in school at all levels, then followed by the Kalenjin and Then the Luhya. The statistics show that a young member of Kalenjin community has the highest chance to life in a clean and good environment, highest chance to more than ten acres of fertile land in a good climate. Any youth from the Luhya community ha over 70% chances to enjoy good marriage and family life. Contrastingly, a kikuyu young man or woman has less that 0.05 percent chances to enjoy the above values and virtues.

If at all there is any temptation to classify Kenyan communities on the basis of being a blessed race, then the most blessed community is the Luo community for siring Barrack Obama, secondly the Luhya community for siring Victor Wanyama, Kitui Mukhisa and saint Cardinal Otunga then thirdly the Kalenjin community for siring generations and generations of prize winning atheletes.The rest are like a negro that was walking with a Mulatoo and a white man at the gate of saint Peter in Frantz Fanon’s Black Skins, White Masks, to carry the hand bags of the three mentioned above.

The Kikuyus owe no one any debt in law, but in conscience they are morally obliged to identify themselves politically with the Kalenjin community come 2022 electoral competition. It is known that history of Kenya is the history of justified politics of betrayal, but it is overtly a collective social depravement on the hand of any individual or community to promise by swearing in public what you intent not to do, it is both un-Islamic and un-Christian only not to mention it as being un-African. The Kikuyu are bound to learn from Daniel Moi model, he promised Kenyatta that he will return the scepter to Kenyatta’s family of which he did; People have not forgotten how in the nineties of the last century Daniel Moi used his powers as the President to recover Uhuru Kenyatta from wanton life into mainstream politics of Kenya.

What else can one do when describing a culture that calls itself a blessed race, especially in the current era? The best thing to do is to borrow the words of Eric Blair alias George Orwell he used to describe the boastful English men in the likes of William Thackeray Markpeace who were obsessed with training their English youths to look at the members of non-English Southern European communities as inferior and sub-human. In his essay that reviewed the works of Charles Dickens, George Orwell dismissed such self-congratulatory English men as masters of vulgar nationalism, but I will dismiss them as victims of collective behavioral failure known as narcissistic emotionalism.

By-Alexander Opicho
From-Lodwar, Kenya
[email protected]