Video Shows Armed 'Fulani Terrorists' Joyfully Exclaiming "Sai Buhari"

By Dr Perry Brimah

A new video appears to show armed Fulani terrorists pronouncing "God is great" in Arabic and praising president Muhammadu Buhari with the common phrase, "Sai Buhari!" President Muhammadu Buhari had recently said that Fulani herdsmen carry sticks and do not have guns.

There are increasing calls for Nigeria's ineffective president Muhammadu Buhari to resign amidst uncontrolled deadly terror continuously claiming hundreds of innocent lives. The president has been accused of aiding the terror by refusing to proscribe the terrorists and linked groups and the Nigerian police announcing that they will not go after the terrorists.

Nigeria's president is also on record as saying that had he not been employed in the army, he could have been one of the Fulani herder-linked terrorists killing citizens.

Over 120 civilians were gruesomely hacked to death in Nigeria's Jos city this week. A leader of the Miyetti Ollah cattle rearer group justified the killings as retaliatory due to the loss of 300 cows.

Nigerians have been protesting for radical security changes and the sacking of all the nation's security chiefs: