By NBF News

Managing Director, Chevron Nigeria, Mr. Andrew Fawthrop

The Chairman/Managing Director, Chevron Nigeria Limited, Mr. Andrew Fawthrop, has said that local capacity building is fundamental to energy business development and portfolio growth in Nigeria.

He said that oil and gas companies should leverage on partnerships with their employees, local communities, business section and government to accomplish their objectives, adding that investments in people, whom he referred to as the human energy, should be given priority.

Fawthrop, who spoke at the opening of the Networking Lunch of the Nigeria oil and Gas Technology Conference and Exhibition sponsored by Chevron in Lagos on Tuesday, said for the company, one of the secrets of its long-term productivity was the emphasis on human energy and investment in people through capacity building.

Citing an instance, he said that Chevron had industry leadership in technology transfer through the strong involvement of local employees in major projects, while also ensuring that local entrepreneurs benefited from contracting opportunities.

Chevron, he added, had continued to strive to find new and better ways to meet the world's growing demand for clean, affordable and reliable energy.

He noted, 'As the world's demand for energy increases, we recognise that all the various sources of energy (wind, solar, waves, fossil fuel, among others) would need to be harnessed and developed to meet the increasing global demand.'

'This is especially true as developing nations such as China, India, Brazil and African states seek improvement for their infrastructure and quality of life for their people.'

He added, 'To achieve this goal, we are focusing on research and the development of alternative and renewable energy technologies that are sustainable and profitable.

'In collaboration with governments, businesses and academia, we continue to work on advancing technology for the benefit of future generations.

'Through this drive, the company has developed capacity in fields such as geothermal energy, energy efficiency business, advanced solar technologies, bio-fuels and hydrogen.'

The Chevron boss said with hydrocarbon production now at a whopping rate of 85 million barrels a day, satisfying the massive demand for energy globally needed to be given proper attention, especially as people of all races and clime required energy in one form or the other for their economic activities and development.

Fawthrop said, 'Human energy is all about the power of the people to find newer, smarter, cleaner ways to power the world.

'It is also one of the energy source we have in abundant supply and it is the most renewable energy there is.

'Through the constant application of technology to deal with daily challenges, human energy drives the growth of the oil and gas industry and indeed the development of mankind.'