Former Sdp Presidential Aspirant Faults Buhari On June 12 Democracy Day Proclamation

By Ahmed Abu, The Nigerian Voice, Maiduguri

The former Presidential aspirant under the defunct Social Democratic Party, (SDP), Alhaji Muhammad Umaru Maizabura has faulted the declaration of June 12 as the nation's new democracy day by President Muhammadu Buhari

Alhaji Muhammadu Maizabura who was a presidential aspirant of the SDP alongside Late MKO Aboila, Alhaji Adamu Chiroma, Alhaji Lema Jibrin, Alhaji Bamnga Tukur among other aspirants said the decision to declare June 12 Democracy day by President Buhari in honour of Late MKO Abiola was a wrong decision, as the then President Babagida annulled the election because of high level of corruption that went on during the election.

It could be recalled that President Muhammadu Buhari had declared June 12 as democracy day in a bid to honour fallen heroes of the annulled June 12 1993 elections and individuals instrumental to the nation’s growths..

Buhari in statement signed by himself, said" June 12th, 1993 was the day when Nigerians in millions expressed their democratic will in what was indisputably the freest, fairest and most peaceful elections since our Independence. The fact that the outcome of that election was not upheld by the then Military Government does not distract from the democratic credentials of that process.

“The plan to award GCON to to Late MKO Abiola and his vice Ambassador Babagana Kingibe and the declaration of June 12 as democracy Day is a wrong decision as Abiola was the one that introduced corruption and thuggery in Nigerian politics, Alhaji Maizabura stated.

He said " I call on president Buhari reverse his decision, if he is really fighting corruption, , as MKO was the first person to introduce gratification in our election,."

"He was the one that brought a bag of money during our primaries in the then Presidential primaries.".

"If President Buhari was thinking that he will win the heart of voters in the Southwest, he should have a re-think as the people of southwest will not be lured to vote a candidate without them having their thought earlier," Maizabura stated.