As IGP Idris could not ”Transmission” His Speech, Nigerians Became “Apprehensive”

By Usman Abdulahi

The most circulated video footage in the social media today, the “transmission” speech of the IGP Idris is a video clip that I initially refused to accept as real. However, after thorough scientific investigation of the clip, it was discovered to be devoured of any manipulations. The audio and video are not superimposed.

It was a melodrama as the Nigeria Police Chief could not read in coherent manner, a speech allegedly written for him by one of his officers. At the event, where he was to address his officers, it was leant that our IGP looked at the speech and immediately confronted and challenged the word “transmission” to an elocution and diction contest. In the 2:19 minutes speech, “transmission” was mentioned in diverse phonetics for 28 times. Not being satisfied of the defeat by “transmission” he again challenged “apprehensive” to yet a rigorous contest. In the very short dramatic speech, “apprehensive” was mentioned 6 times before the climax of the event. The climax of the “transmission” speech took place at the 1:07 minute when the most senior Nigeria police officer apologized to his audience by saying “sorry sir”. This point is adjudged to be the climax because it was the height of confusion and disorientation in the central nervous system of the reader.

Apparently our IGP is a Bachelor’s degree holder in Agriculture from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and a Law degree from University of Maiduguri and many other academic qualifications to date.

It will be recalled that the former IGP Arase issued three queries bordering on incompetences to Mr Idris. As the story goes, he has not answered the last query before he was elevated by the President and Commander –in-Chief. There have been numerous breaches and the latest being his refusal to appear before The Nigerian senate.

Many Nigerians are wondering how his attack dogs will twist this latest drama.