NIPSS To Undergo Restructuring, All Contract Staff Sacked


By Princess 'Kachi, Plateau National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Jos the nation's think-tank is to be reorganised and restructured in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to place the Institute as a foremost academic institution in the continent.

The Director General of the institute professor Danfulani Ahmed during a meeting with management staff announced the restructuring as it affects the Institute for better performance and in line with it's vision of the founding fathers. Following the approval of the proposal by the Vice president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

All contract staff are to be disengaged with all entitlements to be paid where applicable. Besides, all acting appointments are to be advertised immediately while the tenure of the acting appointments terminates at recruitment of substantive appointees as all the requirements of due process shall be followed with regards to both the termination of all acting appointments and recruitment of substantive positions. He said the Institute's administrative machinery will be strengthened in such a way that the activities scheduled for the smooth completion of SEC 31 will not be interrupted. Vice president in his oversight function of the National institute has also approved the establishment of the following directorates and the employment of substantive officers therein. There are the Directorate of Administration, Directorate of Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation (CME); Directorate of Finance; Directorate of Programmes (former Studies); Directorate of Research and Directorate of Works.

In compliance with these directives from the vice president, all officers concerned are required to conform with the realities of these changes and remain focused, dedicated and serious to ensure the successful accomplishments of the task of taking the Institute to greater heights. Professor Danfulani Ahmed in his welcome address to participants of SEC 31 on 13th March, 2009 intimated of changes to come at the Institute when he stated that: “My task (our task) is simple but difficult. Ahmed had stressed “People always resist change, but here we have no option. We must support change especially because, from one administration to the other, we are the instruments of change”

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