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Uche Nwosu’s Endorsement Embarrassing To Imo People  –okeke

By Cyril Aririguzo
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A politician of note and a businessman based in Owerri Imo State wants to know what this endorsement saga is all about.

Speaking to journalists recently, Chief John Okeke posited that the issue of endorsement of this person and that person is just a ploy to water ground for rigging the 2019 governorship election by the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government in Imo State. According to Chief Okeke, the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s dictionary meaning of endorsement is “making a public statement of your approval or support for something or someone”. It further means to “write something in order to give permission for something, especially your signature on the back of a cheque, in order to make it able to be paid someone else”.

Chief Okeke stated that looking at the aforementioned dictionary meaning of endorsement, you will agree with him, that endorsement is not in line with electoral dictates and by extension is a ploy to rig the 2019 election. Chief Okeke maintained that what the proponent of endorsement want to do is when they succeed in rigging the elections of 2019, they will come out and say yes, we won because 27 local government area endorsed him or her before the elections. This is jobmen strategies in practice

Chief Okeke further stated that a situation where some 30 faceless people from a local government with over 300,000 people come out and say that they have endorsed this person or that person because they were given N1 million or N5 million gotten from our common fund is very shameful and unacceptable.

Chief Okeke further stated that the current situation of endorsement in Imo State is becoming worrisome because outside endorsement, the group is now visiting secondary schools trying to coarse the students to believing that the present APC government in Imo State is the best and that supporting the endorsed Uche Nwosu will make them continue to enjoy free education. This move is a dangerous and fantastic deceit on the psyche of these young students.

Chief Okeke harped on the “Ndi agburuanyi” syndrome, where some people are now positioning and believing that “Ndi agburu ha” will continue to rule Imo State for the next 20 years. Is this not a dream of a drowning man, Chief Okeke asserted.