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Situate African Suffragettes In The History Books

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New York: The Justina Mutale Foundation has called for the recognition and documentation of African Suffragettes in the history books.

The Foundation made the call during the ongoing United Nations 62ndSession of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62) in New York, which saw the launch of a traveling exhibition titled: “African Suffragettes: A Journey of Africa’s Hidden Figures Through the Decades”

“The African Suffragettes will be a travelling exhibition to celebrate and bring to the fore a greater recognition of African women’s contribution to national governance, leadership and political activity” said Ms Justina Mutale, President of the Justina Mutale Foundation.

The Launch Event of the African Suffragettes highlighted Africa’s iconic women from various backgrounds in Africa, who for centuries have fought for the rights of women and girls, and the rights of their people as they engaged in acts of resistance and liberation struggles.

“It is imperative that we recognise and bring to the history books the major contributions made by the African women during colonisation, the struggle for independence, and the development of Africa”, Ms Mutale reiterated.

The launch took place during a CSW62 Side Event held at the African Union Permanent Mission to the United Nations and was officiated by Vice President of the Republic of the Gambia, Her Excellency Fatoumata Jallho Tambajang.

“African Suffragettes have already done the hard work for us through their struggles. It is now up to us to take the mantle forward”, said Her Excellency Fatoumata Jallho Tambajang, Vice-President of the Republic of the Gambia

Other VIP speakers included the Minister of Health, Solidarity, Social Protection and Gender of the Comoros Islands, Dr Fatima Mohammed Mbarak; and Liberia’s female Presidential aspirant, Ms Macdella Cooper.

“The suffragettes set a good foundation for women’s participation in politics. We need more women at high-levels of decision-making process in politics, business and other public office”. Said,Dr Fatima Mohammed Mbarak Comoros Islands Minister for Gender

The Suffragettes Journey is expected to make is debut during the Commonwealth Women’s Forum, which will be held in the wings of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London. The exhibition is aimed at providing a narrative that young women and girls of African origin can identify with and to instil confidence for them to participate with ownership in the 100 years Suffragettes campaign in the UK.