By Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

In view of my relationship with u as either as a friend, associate, brother or sister, it becomes imperative to formally inform u that as a result of much bleeding for some time now by my wife and after series of tests which results point out to the fact that my wife is hale and healthy, the cause of the unwarranted and ceaseless bleeding becomes a mystery to the Doctors. After due consultation with God, her family and the Consultant in charge of her case, we have resolved that she be operated upon to ensure that this gift to me by God lives to look after our kids. This is a woman of virtue that thru her God gave me six beautiful kids of which the senior is now in Higher Institution studying Public Administration, a woman that is both my wife, mother, sister, lover and associates, a woman who happens to be my harshest critic who will look at my face and tell me whom I am; a woman I both dread, admire, love and cherish, a woman whose impact on my life is better imagined than stated, a woman whose blood group is the same as mine indicating that she is actually my missing bone!

As a Christian who believes in the healing power of God, I am convinced with your prayer she will come out from the operational theatre hale and recreated. We flew thru Lagos to UCH IBADAN on 7th June, 2010 and she was admitted on our arrival, she has gone thru about ten tests since yesterday and today excluding about ten previous tests she went thru at Port Harcourt. This morning, I happily donated blood to enhance the operation. Looking at her just a few minutes ago before I took time out to send this mail to u to at least prove to you how I view our relationship, she was looking agile, lively, elegant and more like a visitor to her ward than a patient on admission. Instead of calming down, she is moving about encouraging and praying for some of the patients and have even reasoned that we should pay for the feeding of some of the patients that could not pay for their feeding, that is the life of Mrs Ada Chioma Eze who have bn a friend and sister these past 18 years that we got married.

As I thank u for making this trip possible, we still ask for your prayer as with your prayer, I am convinced that God Almighty will perfect her healing.

Thax and God bless until I report back what happened after the operation by morrow.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
PH, Rivers State,
Reporting frm UCH Ibadan.