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Apostle Alfred Williams:Placing Money On Church’s Altar Is Satanic Worship

By The Nigerian Voice
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Apostle Alfred Williams, who has been in the ministry over three decades, is the General Overseer of Christ Faith Tabernacle. During his visit from his base in the United Kingdom to Nigeria for a leadership conference in a branch of the church in Ogba, Lagos, Chinyere Abiaziem met with him where he spoke his mind in an emotional-laden interview on the satanic practices going on in churches and the way forward for Nigeria. Excerpts:

What are your takes concerning the way things are, currently with this government?

Let me say that, we have news from Nigeria; some have bad news about President Buhari and they have various things that he did. As a lawyer, I am trained not to believe anything without evidence. And I have searched for evidences concerning what they alleged of President Buhari, I have not seen. So as a human, I cannot believe any such false allegations. I was listening to television news two days ago where they showed business summit in Niger State 2017 when the vice president was acting president and they talked sense. The acting president at the time, who is the vice president now, talked sense.

The governor of Nassarawa State, when he was talking, I was moved to tears that are Nigerians not hearing what this man is saying? Nassarawa State has landmass that can feed half of Africa and that governor made up his mind to use that landmass in agriculture to feed half of Africa, which is to feed the whole of Nigeria. To me, government has good plans, but when government has plans, who fulfills it? The citizens. Let me tell you about Fulani herdsmen, I will not talk academics now, I will talk spiritual. The Lord Jesus in 1986 took me to heaven and he brought me to the middle of Nigeria, the airspace of Nigeria. And He told me to look down. When I looked down, I saw Nigeria as in a map and I saw sheep eating grass. But the more they eat grass, the more they begin to get thin.

And God said that is the church of God in Nigeria not fed. But this sheep, they have different fences separating them. And the Lord said to me that he sent His ministers but they have built empires around themselves separating the flock and not feeding them. The sheep lifted up their heads and they have human heads and they started praying because they have been so famished, so punished and tortured. And when they started praying, suddenly a wind blew in Nigeria and blew the fences away and brought all of them together and one fence surrounded them.

They did not know it, they kept on praying and I saw a cherub from the throne of God came, between where I was and Nigeria, where River Niger and River Benue met, that very line on top of it, is a palace of a spirit that rule over Nigeria. That spirit put his leg on the chair and his hands around him in anger. He has vengeance, rage and wrath in his face. And the Lord said to me, this is the spirit that has ruled over Nigeria after our independence. It is the spirit of greed and it gripped the nation like that. But when that fire came down when the sheep were praying, it passed where I was and it hit that throne and the throne engulfed in fire. When I looked down there were flakes of fire around Nigeria and those flakes of fire were burning, and as they were burning, they were meeting, and in a short time, there was conflagration. The Lord said to me, until when the church leaders in Nigeria leave their abode, gather themselves together and repent from their wickedness, He said Nigeria will be so impoverished, they will be so tortured until things will now come to a place where the name of my church will not matter to them.

These Christians under severe torture will begin to form a prayer cell in their homes asking God for mercy and repenting of their sins. And the Lord said to me that when that time comes, then the fire will fall from heaven and destroy that throne over Nigeria. This was 1986. I have discussed this with Dr. Badejo of Four Square Church and he gave instructions to his church at the time. The aftermath of all the contravention of God is the Boko Haram that came. We blame politicians for living extravagantly, now general overseers and bishops, what do they need jets for? Do you know how much they service jets? Jet is not a vehicle you pack in your backyard. Because the church leaders are godless, majority of the children of God are godless. In Nigeria now, to an average Christian, his interpretation of blessing is money and it is not money they earn through sweat; it is money they earn by any means. So until that time will come that they will repent, you will not have solution in Nigeria.

I have no problem with Fulani herdsmen or Boko Haram, they are human beings. What makes a man do evil? Is it not Satan? A man who kills another man is possessed of demons. The problem is that can we have men of God in this nation and Satan is killing our people like this? If there is anyone to query, it is not the government of Nigeria, it is those who call themselves men of God. Can we have righteous people in the land and then a man is killing people? Can their message not change their hearts? Can someone not hear what God is saying? And they are all looking for ways. But I tell you, Fulani herdsmen menace is not the last, there are more punishments coming over the nation unless the Church leaders repent.

What are the things you had to unlearn in your over 30 years of ministry?

One of the things I had to unlearn is dogma. I will tell you issues like things we were raised with, issues like you cannot divorce, when my knowledge increased, I discovered that the scripture did not really say that. But in the area of doctrine, there is nothing to unlearn because my doctrine is verbatim as written in the scriptures. And also my affiliation in England changed my concept about women, how women should be treated which doesn’t exist in Nigeria. How wives should be treated in the family, which some of the cultures in Nigeria is assassinating. The culture in England, the good part of it has retuned my mind. Also in the way we look at sinners, in those days when we were Scripture Union (SU), we say if you sin you will go to hell. I recognise that when people sin, we should not send them to hell, we should show them way out and reconcile them.

What is your position on the faith element; use of mantle, oil, comb and so on?

All those things are ungodly. I am teaching ministers now regarding these stuffs. Anything a minister can present before people which can become the source to hear prayer or to draw power is idol worshipping which was the sin of Aaron. Nigeria has the most uneducated pulpit runners. When I say uneducated, I do not mean academic. An illiterate man can be educated while an academician is not educated. By uneducated I mean they are uninformed about God. The churches of Nigeria, the Pentecostal churches especially, are the most unregulated institutions in the world. So anybody can just come today and say I am bishop this and that is it. Who regulates him? Who ordained him? And if you give offering to some big fathers, once they give you credence, a criminal can become a minister. Those are the issues.

Are you comfortable with the Nigerian church as it is today and if not what do you recommend?

No, I am not. I prayed one day that I wanted to die and I told my church for three months that I am going. On the third month, one of them came to me and held and leg and said don’t say that again because God will grant it and we don’t want you to go. Why was I praying to die? I looked at all the people we started together, they fall, and they have all denied God. Anytime I talk about it, it moves me to tears. Somebody who has laboured must not end up in hell. They don’t have record with God anymore. God doesn’t know them anymore, though Nigeria hails them. Their names have been taken away from the book of life. Jesus said if anybody misleads youths, it’s better for him not to be born. I see my friends on the highway to hell. They call them fathers in Nigeria, but they have lost eternity. I can’t help them because they will not listen. But God told me he will judge them from this year, bitter judgment.

In the church there will be humiliation. God will turn his back against people. God will strike them and their churches will be empty. There will be hunger. Those who really want God will look for the truth. There are people who preach the truth in Nigeria, they are not known because they will not lie. If you want church to grow, if you lie about demons, people will come. The same thing babalawo (native doctor) used to do. My father was a wizard priest. The same principle that they do in wizardry, the churches are using it. That is, you make your clients believe that you are the only one who has power and solution and they don’t. That is not Christianity. Jesus said the things I do, you can do.

In Mark 16 verse 17, he says these signs will follow all of you who believe, in my name you will cast out devils. Every Christian can cast out devil and heal the sick. In my ministry, God has raised nine dead bodies. I was in Benin Republic last December, a woman bent over 30 years, before my members, God healed that woman and I tell my members, if God can do any miracle through me, he will do through you too. I tell them to pray for the blind, they will pray for the blind and the blind will see. How can a father say that the children cannot do what he is doing, that father will answer before God.

Let me tell you this, a wind will blow in Nigeria of judgment of God, the nakedness of many will be exposed in a short time, and God will turn the heart of people against them. Some of them will be lynched by their people. Many will leave all these gathering of lies and convocation of sinners and they will look for God. Can you imagine a minister standing before people and saying God is telling me that this number of people should give a particular amount? Is God a beggar? Did he say that in the bible? God is interested in your problem and solving it, he does not have a need that he will tell you.

All those gimmicks and manipulations, another thing they do now, they will go and be putting money on the altar, this came from Satanism. When you go to a Satanist, they will tell you to put money on the ground and some occult ministers brought it to the church from America and unfortunately the Nigerian ministers took it like madness. Every time they put offering on the altar, God departs from that church because God said to me that if I am God, where is my honour? If you want to give your father money, can you go and drop it on the floor and tell your father to pick it up? God said that they are collecting the money for themselves and they are signing agreement with Lucifer. So there is a lot going on in Nigeria, if you think about it, you will just like to finish your work and leave. But God will judge Nigeria as a nation beginning from the church, not the government. Mark my words. The church will be judged, and then the government will be judged.

Has God spoken to you to run for presidency of Nigeria?

A minister of God has a higher office than president of a nation. It is ungodly for a minister of God to mention that God said he will be a president. When God ordained in the Bible, he ordained the King and he ordained the Priest over him. Prophet is over the king and the office of kingship is the same office of parliamentary system; they live by the key and vote of the people. If any minister says God said he should be the president of this country, I can tell you and tell this nation that that minister is a liar, he did not hear God.

What is your message to the body of Christ?

My message to the body of Christ is in 2nd Chronicles 7:14, which says if my people that are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and repent from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and I will heal their land. So the healing of Nigeria is in the hands of God’s people. It will happen only when God’s people repent and then seek God for mercy then Nigeria will be healed. Let me say this, I heard that some people are prescribing that you take helicopter and go up to pray over some principalities, all those are nonsense. I have seen demons. I have been taken to heaven more than 14 times. I have seen Jesus several times, I wrote a book about my encounter with the Lord. You cannot trade anything against repentance. The soul that sinneth shall die. The people of God in Nigeria need to know the true God, who Christ really is. The ministers of God in Nigeria must change their message to righteousness and live the life of righteousness. And when that happens and God’s people in Nigeria pray, you will see the mercy of God from heaven that will transform the whole of this nation. Nigeria has a future and righteousness is the only way we can get there.