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President Museveni's address to EALA in Uganda: Fight for integration-President Museveni urges Legislators

By Onanyanga Alex
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“Integration is about the future of our people”, President Museveni intensely conveyed to the Legislators of the East African Community.

While addressing the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) at the Parliament of Uganda Chambers today, 23rd January, 2018on the state of the East African Community, Museveni appealedto Legislators to fight for East African integration at the expense of positions.

His statement comes after a contentious debate on the election of the new Speaker of the Assembly, where some representatives tried to block the election for several self-known reasons.

Museveni however counselled members of the Assembly to refrain from fighting for speakership instead focus on the prosperity of the people.

Citing the benefits of integration, healluded to prosperity of the ordinary people, fraternity as East Africans share similar backgrounds, collective bargaining and there would be strategic security in the region.

It’s from this interval Museveni commended President Trump for being frank and telling Africa that they are a weak continent, “Africa needs to solve their own problems; you cannot survive when you are weak”, he reiterated.

In his concluding remarks, Museveni restated that for Africa to survive we need integration, the need to get a better rationale on how to use our resources and we manage them together.