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Ethiopia sends warning to Somalian President H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

By Ali Hassan Abdulle
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The Federal republic of Ethopia is bordered by five countries but one of them is making good neighbourliness untenable.

his was stated by Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Workneh Gebeyehu in Addis Ababa from where he accused Somalia of creating machinations detrimental to not only peace between the two countries but in the entire Horn of Africa Region as well.

“The Government and people of Federal Republic Of Ethopia have not only pursued peace in the Horn region but implemented strategies towards seeing to it that commerce and apt diplomatic relations exists with its neighbours, we are not accepting that the president of Somalia to visit our soil, Abduwak is a part of Federal Republic Ethiopia''

“We in Ethiopia do not make empty pledges and rhetoric towards security in the region but actively pursue sustainability of the same” We are ready to make discussion the dispute of our boundries and we are ready to take a part of Somalia, International boundries recognize that Abudwak is a part of our soil and we are accepting whatever Somali Presidents trying to visit our soil''

‘We the federal Republic Of Ethopia will continue to shed our blood and do whatever is just and necessary to defend our country and it's boundries. There is no greater contribution, no greater solidarity than this,’‘ he said.

' We will make sure that our boundries are secure and we will deploy our military to Abudwak and It's area, We will not accept Somalian President to visit our country without consent as his country''.

Hassan Abdulle

Abudwak, Ethopia