Nigeria Government Respond Now to President Donald Trump “Shithole Countries”

By Francis John 

I dare any Nigerian leadership present and former, including Embassies and United Nations representatives to challenge the name “ shithole “ apportioned Nigerians by US President – Donald Trump. As such this is the time Nigerians globally will know whether the country cares for its citizenry. The government pose ignorant to slavery (Libya), xenophobia (South Africa) ethnic - communal clashes and ritual killings (Nigeria).

To gain insight of the word “shithole”, conversely referred to the dictionary meaning ”shithole”. Online oxford learning dictionary states, ”an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place” Verily, indifference, condemning Nigerian recent voting at United Nations; against US Embassy relocation to Jerusalem. As you can read the bad phrase used to address Nigerian; an independent and practicing democratic nation, very diminishing and dehumanizing to black race and generation, not limited to Nigerian democracy.

This article is intended to draw immediate attention of stakeholders, to recapitulate if Nigerians deserves this name, adding links for Nigerian government and stakeholders to ascertain the statement is real in avoidance to government denial or not seen: Trump denies making 'shithole countries' comment:

  1. By Caroline Kenny, CNN Fri January 12, 2018
  2. By Lauren Fox, CNN Fri January 12, 2018

  1. links are evidences of his proclamations about “shithole countries” and also to reiterate that Donald Trump’s consistent denials to statements and words spoken hiddenly. Nevertheless, these links are acknowledgment of facts, serving to as wake-up call to past and present Nigerian leadership to profusely act or remain out of context.

However, this is the fourth time, this writer alerted American about what is coming. Started, when Donald Trump was campaigning for President, drew Republicans attention to his attitudinal and behavioral issues towards the people and oppositions. Invariably, all were ignored, plunging Americas reputation down the drain globally. Sadly, not anymore, are people looking up to American democracy as a role model, so also, a place to actualize dreams.

Nigeria should expect more of this name, as it's becoming a treat for international communities, doing so well, gradually taking over key positions and widely spreading out in attempt to engulf the world's hotspots. It's a huge treat! In the pipelines are uglier names, embarrassments, disgrace in the coming years from nations and individuals. Significantly, giving in to an early warning signs, timely for Nigeria to get prepared to receive its nationals in quantum, returning home, like in the case of slavery, xenophobia, etc.

Nigerians abroad, expect no statement from Nigerian representative and or its ambassador. In view of this, Nigerians leaving abroad must keep an ear to the ground, take the bull by the horns. Legitimately, use tested successful means; to systematically influx the country, borrow from recent leadership shifts, changes from the continent and regain total control. Hence, start joining forces regardless of ethnicity and faith, form state wide coalitions, in preparations of ugly situations as this. Ensure lads are well enlightened these indicators in avoidance of being bullied in schools and workforce. Endeavor lads engage in meaningful professional courses, training, etc. so as to remain above waters at all time, while remaining very competitive in a contemporary world.

One thing diaspora may forego, is getting voting rights by present political administration, despite diaspora leading involvement in the purported change. Interestingly, the most educated and populous black nation in the world and leading in money remittance. Yet, unable to vote compared to smaller African countries voting in United States. Another wrong signal to diaspora. Regrettably, whatever the case maybe, it is a calculated attempt not to devoid - diaspora of its civic rights, scared to work with its technocrats as practiced globally. Significantly, technocrats have been found worthy in every nation, except in Nigeria where expatriates are well accepted and granted wholly juicy contracts for outragous gains and safe keeping accrued resources abroad.

President Donald Trump - point of correct and time for sober reflection, Nigeria is not a “Shithole Country” but a Democratic Country like America. Henceforth, be clear, back down negative statements at Nigeria, as Nigerians votes will count again in the next US Presidetial Poll!

Francis John writes from Kansas City, USA

[email protected]