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Re: Fayemi backs El-Rufai’s threat to sack Kaduna striking teachers, says competency test remains APC policy

By Yinka Oyebode
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Our attention has been drawn to the above- stated fake news sent out by one Oluwole Ogunlola of a faceless news organisation [email protected] (as re-produced below)

Please note that this is a total falsehood. The Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Dr Kayode Fayemi, never had any meeting with Kaduna State Governor on the teachers issue and never made the statement credited to him in this fake news.

The attention of News Editors and other Newsroom Gate Keepers is being drawn to this cheap blackmail being orchestrated by the propaganda team of Ekit State Governor, Ayo Fayose , who is out to tarnish the good name of the honourable Minister for no justifiable reason. .

This is just one of the numerous approaches of the gangsters and con artists working as media aides to the governor- i.e scripting stories that never happened and feeding same to media organisations and social media platforms, just to score cheap and dubious political point.

Please note that the Ekiti state Governorship election is around the corner and the media aides of the state governor have resorted to this criminal approach of writing stories with fictitious names and on behalf of faceless organsations. How does one explain a situation where a supposed Ekiti news organisation is the one responsible for sending out a supposed report of an alleged meeting in Abuja over a kaduna State matter? the whole report is a scam and should be treated as such.

This dangerous trend (of cyber terrorism) has been reported to the Police and investigation is ongoing. Very soon the perpetrators of this dishonourable and despicable acts would face the music.

You may wish to google search the sender - Oluwole Ogunlola and the faceless organisation - [email protected]


Yinka Oyebode