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he question on the lips of those attuned to the Lagos social circle borders on the whereabouts of Saubana. Once upon a time on the social scene, no party was complete until this dude attended. No car was in vogue except you saw Saubana cruise in it. And no babe was seen as “happening” until you saw her hanging on Wale, the party lord's arms. That was then. First, it was the moustached general, Musa Bamaiyi, who appeared on the scene and spoilt the fun for Wale and his boys. Then, just about when Wale and other party freaks were heaving a sigh of relief at the unceremonious exit of the army general, in marched the slim no-nonsense cop called Nuhu Ribadu and his heart attack-inducing organisation, with the four most frightening letter initials.

By this time, Wale had had enough. If he could not party in peace in Nigeria, then it was high time he relocated. Dusting his passport, Wale left for America and things were rosy for a while. But we're hearing some disquieting news now that Wale has “enrolled” in one school in the U.S. This school, hinted a source, teaches good behavioral pattern and whether the student likes it or not, he doesn't graduate until the authorities believe he's capable enough to understand the lesson behind the rigorous lectures he is subjected to.