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No Son Of A Woman But A Lady Could Have Tumbledmugabe

By Farouk Martins Aresa

Former President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe finally gave up power after 37 years because he fell into the bosom of his wife. As one of those quotes attributed to him: one woman’s mango in the mouth of a man is worth two on her chest. He got carried away in his old age plotting his succession in the bosom he felt most comfortable in, instead of rewarding those that have been loyal to him during Guerrilla war struggle for Independence. Oh Delilah, here you come againO!

There is no sound gold standard economics to justify reducing Zimbabwe money to toilet paper. African leaders have to realize that no matter how good they were or how hard the jungle fight was, it’sbetter to leave when the ovation is at its height.Mugabe fought hard to standstill and later rewarded himself in luxury. He was in heavenly bliss while the rest of Zimbabweans suffer the economic penalty. The British certainly pushed Mugabe to an extreme; they procrastinated in fulfilling promises to his comrades. But, Sampson never knew Delilah would be his downfall.

Smart women know their spiritual or God-given power,so they watch men make empty sound we call “shakara” from my neck of the hood. Most folks do realize that behind every successful man is a woman and that a woman can make or break a man. Actually, ZsaZsa Gabor, the fame American actor and icon said only foolish women that do not realize their power would push a man too far.Robert Mugabe and Grace Mugabestory will be told from different perspectives.

How could a brilliant and powerful RobertMugabe that was not moved by the world powers or sponsored internal chaos, planted from both friends and foes; suddenly succumbed to the wishful grace of Grace Mugabe as his replacement? Zimbabwe, contrary to the pictures painted by those that tried its downfall and were not successful, was not one of those banana republics.

While there are women that have fought oppression along with their husbands, Grace Mugabe wasn’t one of them. She was anassistant that clung Mugabe’s heart. Good enough for him but questionable as the leader of Zimbabwe. Most of the ladies that have replaced their husbands as leaders were reluctant and glorified into positions. Grace Mugabe that became repulsive to the people she wished to rule, was not one of those revered women. ZsaZsa Gabor was right!

The act of negotiation of returning fertile land to their African owners can be delicate. While it is true that white farmers contributed to seized arable land in return for financial incentives they could get from the western world,the encouragementthey promised Mugabe were not delivered. If the Britishand others had cooperated with Mugabe as much as he did with them and negotiated in good faith, Zimbabwe could have continued as breadbasket not useless cash.

During negotiation, Mugabe like Mandela had to report and justify his position to his comrades. Going back to them after coming up with empty promises and after so many years of coming up dry, it became dangerous for a leader. When he was yielding to British, Mugabe was wined and dined by the Queen, the Pope received him and the western world respected his intellect fromthe degrees he earned. He bent over and accommodated their compromise too many times.

Though known as fierce, he could not deliver enough favorable terms to his people. Even after Independence, the words of Ian Smith, the former Rhodesian Prime Minister: that Rhodesia would not become independent as Zimbabwe in his lifetime hunted the Country. Indeed, the sanctions also hurt the white farmers because there was no place else they could enjoy the lifestyle they had in their Country. Those that left had no good intention for Zimbabwe anyway.

The problem between white farmers and Mugabe had more to do with mean spirited souls andbad faith against Africans. Nigeria thought the farmers could repeat the same agricultural yield benefit when given land and all the financial incentives they asked for. It never happened. They took the money, land and otherenticement without performing as expected. Some went back to Zimbabwe, otherwestern countries and South Africa with the cash andretired as Ian Smith.

This is one of the reasons Zimbabweans bear with Mugabe for so long. However, 37 years is a long time. Mugabe is not the only brain in Zimbabwe that could explore other means, direction of attracting trading partners to resurrect favorable exports and imports, whichmight have given Zimbabweans breathing space. The last person that could accomplish that was Grace M!

How could she? The training she got from Mugabe was not the type needed to champion the cause and struggle of their people patiently waiting for the long reign of Mugabe to end and explore better economic opportunities. This is something African leadershave in common, they cannot hand over peacefully until they are pushed to the brim.They just cannot face the exit. Who else would accommodate a 93-year-old man outside his home orvillage for so long?

It is one thing to bow to the power of your own woman but for Mugabe to also order the Army Chief, Chiwenga, a career soldier and decorated veteran of Zimbabwe’s 1970s bush-war against white-minority rule, to pledge loyalty to Grace for peaceful transfer of power was senile.

Mugabeformer deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa, now sworn in as President that had stood by him for 52 years, compared to his wife Grace that thumbed her nose to the people was not even a close match or an alternative.Mugabe’s fall after 37 years in power endedwith a battle to succeed him thathe unwisely created despite all thoseclever sayings credited to him!

Nevertheless, during swearing in ceremony Mnangagwa urged Zimbabweans not to undertake “vengeful retribution” against Mugabe. He claimed that he valued democracy, tolerance and the rule of law but would tackle corruption. Well, well, well every African head of state said so.

Other African head of state: Paul Biya at 84 years old ruling Cameroon for 42 years; Eduardo do Santos of Angola and NguemaMbasogo in Equatorial Guinea for 38 years; SassouNguesso of the Republic of Congo for 33 years to YoweriMusevini in Uganda for 31 years: must be warning their wives or lovers to stay clear of power struggle.Zimbabwe passive coup worked peacefully.

Whether this was a military coup d'état, just looked like one, walked like one or sounded like one needs no debate now until we see the consequences. Do not forget that Rawlings came back in Ghana, Ironsi claimed the civilians invited him to take overin Nigeria and Mobutu forgot to leave after killing Lumumba in the most repulsive way that still draws tears from some of us.