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The Sea Was A Hymn & Other Poems

By Adeola Ikuomola
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The sea was a hymn
Laced with several tunes
As cubes in tubes on timbers
The wide mazers in the wild mazes
The sea was an organ
Played with failing fingers
The wild waves crashed the sky
On organs of disorganised organists
The sea was as a train
Coached with wild refrains
Unlocking and unblocking lyrics
To her multidimensional motivations
The sea was as a drum
Made of the ballistic-rich rum
Within her operational campaigns
She ringed and cycled the finest opium.
The sea from hat to heart
Sprayed the nuclear perfumes
On powers like showers from towers
Celebrating the darkly electrifying curfew

They floated as sitting riddle
Within twilight as the middle
The stars breathed on power
On the moon's hanging tower
The night was as a black boat
Paddled in peddling dark coat
The moon with crown to reign
Like rainbows in the latter rain
The livers reside in the tongues
And the limbs over the temples
Testicles as disposable articles
Measured tears recycle red eey

The darkened foxes
From the darkest boxes
Blackened the white horses
With the darkness-born ideology
Their heretical acts
Polluted pure humanity
In their inhuman hormones
Reigned their viperous trademarks
The genetic terrorists
Breached our territories
And their germs of darkness
Harvesting the sun and the moon
Bloody tears embrace
On a multinational flight
Condolences break barriers
Like their combative wavelengths

Bold beads bidded beauty beautifully
Sweetening the dewy flower beds
Florists floated fairer followers
For bees and on butterflies
Beauty showcased eternal recognition
On the order of gums and hymnals
Purity flushed the foreign flaws
To unveil purifying rainbow
With the sockets in the dockets' pockets
Contrary views veiled the mountains
Sights and sounds sought unity
In the wave-emptying storms
Silence suits the solemnest of sanctuaries
Where temples score the skillful goals
With the cocks replenishing the ink
Beauty is a heavy duty on purity

Life will not give you what you want, rather it gives you what you are.
By: Ernest Oboh, Igworem