How to select a book to get your ex back

The ideal relationship is hard to come by. Nobody's perfect, so even the best of intentions aren't always enough to keep two people together. If your relationship is on shaky ground, or you've recently split up, then you may be interested in books on relationships. They are among the most popular categories of books, and tons of new titles are thrust upon consumers on a regular basis. So, how can you choose what the best books on relationships are? Good question, let's see if we can answer it.

To begin with, don't let a series of letters after the author's name impress you. All the letters mean is that they have earned a degree of some kind (assuming they credentials are legitimate). It doesn't mean automatically mean they understand relationships. Sure, they may understand what a text book says, and what the leading theories are, but that's not the same as practical experience. That expertise doesn't mean all that much when it comes to real people.

Instead of looking at all the abbreviations after their names, you should try to look for their life experience. How long have they been in a relationship? Did they go through a rough time and then fix it? Have they helped others? Do they offer proof? A quick way to find out is to read the author bio near the front or back of the book and see if these things are mentioned.

This next method for finding the best books on relationships is harder, but worthwhile if you are able to do it. But the books that aren't the same idea re-written in twenty different ways. Some books are so filled with fluff, when they could be summed up in one sentence like, "be nice to each other". Such products aren't worth the money or time it takes to read them. What you need are books that offer new information, and several different solutions. Another way of looking at it is specific steps are better than vague generalities.

Finally, take a look at those who are recommending any of the books you are interested in. Do they have an air of generality about them? Do they all sort of sound the same, maybe written by the same person? Do they mention actual situations and results? Read the recommendations and see how they all add up. Also, see if the people making the comments are from different backgrounds and located in different places.

You will get some idea by the words they use and how they use them. The idea is that the more wide-ranging the happy readers are, the more likely the book will be right for you.

The sad truth is that there are a lot of poorly written books and guides on how to get your ex back or getting back together. Don't let that thought discourage you, though. There are plenty of titles counted among the best books on relationships. If you don't find one right away, keep trying, it's worth it.

Best "magic trick" I ever succeeded with was believe it or not a birthday card for a (recent) ex ... written in uncial initials with a little border of hearts. Yes, horrendously soppy but three weeks later we were back together again and that was that!

Got the uncial letters off this site: Calligraphy Alphabets