Magical Door

By Melanie Miller

Open that magical door, and you will find a rainbow of dreams.

See what is inside and you will find me, your true love.

I am your destiny and soul mate and fate will bring us together.

Take a magical flight with me and soar to the heavens above.

We will fall in love a new and we will be in history books.

With one look, I shall fall in love with you and you with me.

We will be lovers and best friends.
So open that magical door, and you will find that pot of gold,

you been longing for for so long.
You are the man for me and we can get along, like silver and gold...

and we will be in love, and our love will stand the test of time.

So hold me, make me sublime and take control of me and take me as your wife.

We wore meant to be ...
and you will find me in another paradise and fantasies, will I make come true for you. that magical door, and explore with me new worlds and we shall be happy a time gone past and the future will hold the key to our happiness.

I am here for the taking, and you can have my love and my soul will unite with yours, in due time.

So be mine and I shall be all yours in another life.

the end.