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A ‘cabalic’ Move In The Nigeria Educational System: Unvieling the ‘raison D’ Etre’

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When issues about Nigeria education is been raised, I am so much ironically delighted about the gloomy future it posses. Attempt to discuss the ills of the educational sector such as low standard, insufficient and ineffective infrastructures, social vices ravaging the sector. However, a further interrogation has revealed the roles of dubious stakeholders’ role in the Nigeria education causing not only the state but its future a serious setback. The greed of this stake holders and bourgeoisie capitalist has influenced the genetic trait of several educational institution authorities adopting undignified exploitative collaboration, charging unnecessary fees, exorbitant school fees in a country whose socio-economic development is nothing to discuss; only to allow the ability and academic spirit of those who eager to acquire knowledge to deteriorate and vanish.

From the first paragraph of this article, I am so much unhappy with the educational system of Nigeria particularly the effectiveness, efficiency and operation. Defining education as a concept is not the issue I am going to interrogate but likewise a commonsensical view of the term education is about learning and acquiring knowledge to approach the realities of life. A little bit forward, am afraid to say the future of the youth who have acquired education but idle and those that are still seeking to acquire education is in jeopardy because the undeclared reason of the bourgeoisie capitalist am going to discuss are a step ahead the normal societal belief ad they have their own interest at the forefront of societal development. Maybe ‘Nigeria is founded on corruption or not’ or ‘corruption is now a born again Christian’, it has now invade the educational sector of the country through some irrepressible and storming bourgeoisie capitalist petrel clouding the shores of education.

Education is the foundation of freedom, ignorance is the basis of slavery, if you would free a people, first and foremost educate them, the illiterate man is an half man, he is already a slave to his unfolded fears, his curbed passion and his natural instinct. The destructive bourgeoisie aim at creating and sustaining societal status which every youth and less opportune in the society should be aware off. The status idea basically is to further the gap between the rich and the poor by making the cost of education unaffordable to the poor children in the society in a way to protect what they term as sacredness of their own class. What a world!

I begin to reason the future of this country and the selfish capitalist. I am so much happy when I got an historical answer which states ‘As the seed that led to the destruction of colonialism were embedded In it so as the seed that will destroy this class of capitalist are within their surrounding, little wonder, supposed not education eradicate poverty, ignorance and diseases, it is so sad education is now an automated money machine full of exploitation that offers the highest bidder the best education. There is no need for conclusion, since research still maintain that several citizen still lives below poverty line thereby abject poverty, illiteracy and ignorance to the core will full the nooks and crannies of the country.

The Nigeria education operates with greediness. Have you not noticed that admission is not based on merit but on parental status or the ability to provide monetary value which is the key determinant for acquiring knowledge? It is so sad that this institutions are not after the knowledge that will be inculcated into student or the so called unrealistic future leaders, the cabalic activities of the bourgeoisie is to further the gap between the rich and the poor since they believe he who has the gold makes the rule and education is the only bridge then, they make it unaffordable

How can Nigeria complain about underdevelopment after allowing the bourgeoisie capitalist to place education on high tags? The importance of education is to teach youth and student a process to develop their minds while equipping them to deal with social realities. Since the cabals knows education will equip the youth and the lower class the ability to think, understand, interrogate and prove social issues, then they adopt a high price strategy on the process of acquiring education. It is so sad that these category of people have forgotten that not only providence made them what they are today but their access to education.

The problem of education is more than standard or quality but the undeclared raison the bourgeoisie are ready to advance at all cost; class inequality. The society continues to complain of cultism, infant hooliganism. Position on quality or quantity is the result of the bourgeoisie act. I could say that this selfish bourgeoisie incursion into education is substantially responsible for the devastating deterioration in the process of achieving the objectives and goals of education in Nigeria.

Little wonder, it is so glaring how our societal development, realities, status and strata are growing at the reversal rate. Since the greediness and corrupt bourgeoisie activities makes the future of the state education unrealistic. it is my clamor that if restructuring remains the deliberated word in the political issues of Nigeria, the word restructuring should but invade the educational sector as well. Realistically, a nation that forsake its education has its future jeopardized.