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Whenever some of us call for convening of the sovereign national conference, some persons will send death threat sms and emails to me. That notwithstanding, we will continue to write about the Nigeria of our dream. The Nigeria of my dream shall be an egalitarian country where all Nigerians irrespective of religion, tribe and state of origin will be proud to belong.

The Nigeria of my dream will be a country where merit will be of the essence. Where based on merit just like in the UK, two brothers, David and Ed Miliband were Ministers concurrently in the same government. Where just like in America father and son were presidents of the US in a space of 12 years. The Nigeria of my dream will be a country where quota system and its twin evil the federal character are banished forever. Where admissions into academic institutions are purely based on merits no more no less.

The Nigeria of my dream will be like China where corruption is viewed seriously and punished with capital punishment if need be. Where government officials who abused public trust like the Halliburton and Siemens bribe scandal are punished severely. The Nigeria of my dream shall be a country like Egypt or Iraq or even UK, where elective offices are not zoned or shared on religious or tribal sentiments.

The Nigeria of my dream shall be a country whereby the two foreign religions now that have come to divide and tear brothers apart will be relegated to the background in the society. The Nigeria of my dream will be a country like the UK, whereby those who committed crime even when they have died will still be brought to justice and appropriate punishment meted to them even in death.

Therefore those who destroyed our future and the future of our children and our children's children must note that whether now or even in 100 years' time, they will surely be punished for destroying Nigeria. But all the above will surely happen in my lifetime. This is the Nigeria of my Dream!

Ndiameeh Babrik [email protected]

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