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An Open Letter To President Trump

Source: Pastor John O. A. Adedeji
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President Donald Trump,
The President of the United States of America,
Washington DC,
Dear Mr President,
Grace to you and peace from God Our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have to appreciate your effort in world peace. I know you are a man of peace but Mr President, there are some burning issues which are presently disturbing the peace of the world. The Syrian issue and presently the North Korea issue. The constant missile test of North Korea and your decision to retaliate. I want your Excellency to realize that at times war does not solve issues. War destroys lives and properties and retard development. Most importantly, it brings enmity among the warring parties and their sympathisers.

I will therefore enjoin you to join the United Nations to resolve this issue amicably. Let the UN sit on a round table discussion and let the the North Korean president realize the danger of building a nuclear weapon in a world where we have all become brothers and sisters through various sports and religious activities.

The world should be careful of what they will do that will throw the whole universe into pandemonium.

The world needs food, shelter, good health and godly life and not war that will terminate the lives of people. That is why our leaders should unite to exterminate terrorism. Whether in Syria or any part of the world, let the warring parties surrender their weapons today and let us embrace peace and live peacefully with one another, after all when God created all things, He said in Genesis 1:31 that "And God saw everything that He has made and behold, it was good".

I am very grateful for your understanding sir.
May the Almighty God continue to give you wisdom, knowledge, understanding and strengthen you to lead the United States of America to greater heights.

Thanks and God bless you,
Yours in His Service,
Pastor John O. A. Adedeji.