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Why We Are Organizing Offline Meetings Across The Country and Our Plans - The Nigerian Wailers

By The Nigerian Wailers
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We have observed with keen interest the lack of direction which is obtainable in the country now, and after giving the Buhari administration the benefit of doubt for two years, our expectations for a better Nigeria have been incredibly bruised.

The economy has remained stagnated, the press has been “pressed” by the tyrannical activities of the government, job losses have hit unprecedented heights and the government has done little or nothing to improve the lives of our fellow citizens.

The wanton killings, prebendalism, ethnic division and suppression of ordinary citizens by the government of the day is deadly and threatens the survival of our nascent democracy.

It is surprising that our supposed leaders of thought, NGOs, opinion shapers and Civil Society Organisations have all refused to hold the government accountable even as citizens' rights are continuously trampled upon.

We have observed the trajectory of the happenings in the country and we have come to the conclusion that it will not mean well for us all. Instead of the government to saddle itself with transformational services to the citizens, all we have seen are threats, outright intimidation and the violation of our rights from a government elected to serve us.

The government has made several attempts to clamp down on citizens for airing their views on the social media and these negates our constitutional right to free speech and freedom of information; both of which are fundamental tenets of any democracy anywhere in the world.

Free speech has now become a scarce commodity because this government has redefined democracy, one that tilts towards dictatorship. We must jointly work hard to resist any government that insists on carrying out activities that could truncate our hard earned democracy.

Therefore, as a leading and most organized pro-democracy group in Nigeria, we have decided that instead of of wasting precious time lamenting everyday on the social media, we have resolved to use the social media to unite Nigerians ahead of 2019 election. Our objective is to go all out to every nook and cranny of the country to sensitize voters on how to do the right thing in order to avoid a repeat of 2015.

We have began our cell meetings in several states across the country and they are already yielding good fruits. We are setting up these meeting points to form a formidable offline and online action group that will work with others with a common agenda to restore the country to the path of progress and sustainable development.

We are calling on all Nigerians of voting age to join us in our crusade as our objectives are selfless with an overall goal of seeking a better Nigeria for all; irrespective of religion, creed or ethnic leaning.

To make Nigeria work again, demands that all hands must be on deck; ranting and wailing on social media alone will not solve our problems. We must get it right in 2019 with our choice of candidates cut across all levels. We must not elect oppressors, insensitive leaders and those who are interested in looting our common wealth. Never again!

We are calling on Nigerian youths, men and women from every state to join us. The hardship in the country will not go away with bad leaders and we must not pretend that everything is great. We must not continue to feed into the lies, blame games and destructive propaganda that have proved to be diversionary and deceptive.

Nigerians must wake up and act now. Our future and that of the next generation must be secured. If we don't act now, future generations will blame us for it.

Join our team and let's make the country a better place to live for us and our children. Feel free to visit our website to register or connect via our social media on Facebook NGRWailers and Twitter @NGRWailers

Adelaja Adeoye
National Coordinator
The Nigerian Wailers
HQ, Abuja, Nigeria