Business Seminar/ Date : Friday 25th August, 2017 Cultural Festival/ Date: Saturday 26th August

By The Nigerian National Association-The Netherlands (NNA-NL)

The Nigerian National Association Foundation -The Netherlands, NNA-NL is organizing a Business Seminar / 2017 Nigerian Cultural Festival geared towards improving the Nigerian Business Sector and promoting Nigerian traditional/cultural values as well as educating Nigerians residing in the Netherlands, the Dutch Culture as a tool for easy integration. The basic purpose of the Festival is to showcase the rich Nigerian cultural and traditional heritage in the Diaspora in a more elaborate perspective to the World and to maintain, sustain and preserve our Nigerian heritage, the timeless value of our identity and our pride as Africans.

The Nigerian National Association-The Netherlands (NNA-NL) is a legal and the working Arm of The Nigerian National Association Foundation, -The Netherlands (NNA-NL), a credible and formal umbrella body of all the Citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, residing in the Netherlands. The aims of forming this Association are to promote the culture and social welfare of our people both in the Netherlands and in our Home Land Nigeria, and to help our people in integrating in the Dutch Society. We are also engaged in identifying sustainable development projects and programs in Nigeria and participating in the implementation of such projects for economic development in Nigeria.

Participants expected at this Business Seminar/Cultural Festival include High Government Functionaries from Nigeria and some West African Countries, Embassy Representatives, Officials of the Amsterdam Municipal Council and the Dutch Ministry of Culture, numerous African Associations in The Netherlands and beyond.

The mapped out Projects for this Year include equipping some schools with computers and laboratory equipment as well as building vocational institutes to engage about 5000 youths in different vocational jobs in order to create employment and reduce the immigration of Nigerian youths to Abroad. This little step by Nigerians residing in The Netherlands will go a long way in contributing to the Economic Development in Nigeria and will help in minimizing the influx of Nigerian Youths to Europe.

The carefully selected different Speakers, and participants in the Business Seminar, have enormous public marketing benefits to derive from this special Business Seminar as the NNA-NL shall elaborately showcase their image in the widely spread Brochure, Announcements and Publicity within Europe and Beyond.

Amongst the topics to be discussed are:
1. “Agriculture, the way forward for Nigeria Economy”

2. “Identification of Science and Technology as an Imperative of National Development using Technology Incubation Program as a Tool”.

3. “Nigerians Abroad and National Development: Evaluating the Models of Engagement”.

4. “Youth Education & Empowerment, the only way to minimize Illegal Immigration”.

5. Strategies to combine the UN International Decade for People of African Descent

6. “The Dutch Culture as a tool for easy integration in The Netherlands”

Business Seminar/ Date : Friday 25th August, 2017/ Time: 14pm to 18pm. Followed by Gala night till 23:00pm/ Address: Walravenstraat 33, 3074 NL Rotterdam.

2017 Nigerian Cultural Festival/ Date: Saturday 26th August, 2017/ Time: 12:00pm tio 23:00pm/ Address: Arena Park, Boulevard 101, 1101 DM Amsterdam-The Netherlands.

Evelyn Azih
President, Nigerian National Association-The Netherlands (NNA-NL)

Larry Otubambo Tajudeen
Secretary, Nigerian National Association-The Netherlands (NNA-NL)