Were You The Type That Fought The Colonialist Or The Type That Sold Fellow Africans?

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When the white colonialist came to capture our forefathers, there were some who fought them with all they had, some who submitted to them and some who helped them capture their fellow countrymen as slaves. Which are you? When we look back, we revere the likes of Fumilayo Ransome Kuti and Anthony Enahoro who moved the motion for our independence and went to demand this from the white master. Are you the type who moves motions for independence and dares to demand and fight for it or are you the types who sat and accepted while others fought for you?

Today we have a test of our individuality once again. Today we have another battle, no different from the ones past. Since independence we have remained colonized by a new crop of wicked exploiters. We call them Nigeria PLC or the cabal. They have retained hold of power through the two political parties, military and civilian. They have kept themselves and theirs in charge of the nation's economic promise, divided up oil wells and colonized all the nation's assets, arable land and real estate. They have maintained a full hold on power lately through their PDP and nPDP(APC) parties, with an electoral system rigged to ensure money rules politics. Millions of Nigerians have died from poverty and terror thanks to them. Nigeria has remained at the bottom in the world in all demographics: most poor, most kids out of school, worst kidnapping, most deadly terrorist group, most corrupt, most oil spill polluted, you name it, once it is poor, we own it...all thanks to these new greedy colonialists. Nothing works because of them. From within and outside of government they have maintained monopolies on all services and utilities in the nation like cement, power, mobile phones, etc, ensuring Nigerians pay double or more the global price for everything. We know this tale. Wikileaks cables called it the Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote business model. Once you ride in on a political party owned and sponsored by the cabal, you are betrothed to them, will protect them from jail and will only be able to serve them and do their bidding.

Since their military arm replaced the 1963 sensible constitution with the Obasanjo-tailored pro-corruption constitution, our fate has been sealed. Obasanjo removed the preferred Parliamentary system and put what we have now. Tie that to the errors of Aguiyi Ironsi with the unification decree, a series of errors, intentional or not lost us our true federal system and created a path for chaos. We must fight to restore the 1963 constitution, true regionalism with the devolution of powers, but the cabal will never agree. They need Nigeria as is with all the power at the center to protect their corrupt sources of wealth on both sides of the Niger. Again Obasanjo's land use act comes right out of the pits of hell. How can we continue to cheat and deprive the owners of land under which resource is found by seizing it by Obasanjo's inhuman laws and handing it over to our friends and tailors to make killings from oil exploration while the indigenes die of lack and of poisoning. God cannot forgive us. God's wrath they say is on the unjust.

So I ask you, will you join our fight to declare our independence from the cabal or will you sit on the fence? For Nigeria to grow, the cabal must go! Join us sing this song. Join us fight this battle. My name is Dr. Perry Brimah and I shout loud from the tops of buildings and in the middles of market squares, "For Nigeria to grow, the cabal must go!" Join me. Join us and let our children and children's children read of us as the ones who dared to free Nigeria from the shackles of cabalism.

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