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Why Must Buhari So Compromise Nigeria's National Security?!

Source: Dr Tosin Akindele.
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Two of a kind. Macho men they are. At least by their military training. Or so they'd like to have us believe. Both ruled Nigeria as military dictators. One killed his childhood and military school buddie without qualms. The other eagerly signed the death warrants of drug peddlers as he mindlessly effectuated a decree in retrospect. The publicly shot men committed the offense when no such law existed!

Put another way, the decree...fondly labelled draconian, prescribing death at the stakes to offenders...was not in existence at time of offense. It was only promulgated retrospectively and granted verve retroactively!

It was specifically made as an afterthought to pump hot lead into the hearts and the brains of the offenders. The bestiality and the injustice of it all so appalled and so angered the civilised world...far beyond our shores!

All felt that if death penalty must be prescribed for drug trafficking, at least let it apply to only those who committed the offense after the law was passed....not before! All pleas to spare the lives of those men fell on deaf ears! So, as Muhammadu Buhari promptly signed the death warrants, his junta was even thoughtless enough to kill those men in the full public glare!

But Buhari now jeopardises our national security by submitting his exalted person to medical treatment by foreigners in foreign lands! Opening himself to all manner of suggestibilities...pharmacologically and psychologically induced under hypnosis!

Of course, his British carers would be daft not to seize upon such opportunity... especially considering the fact that his regime scrambled fighter bombers to intercept a British Airways plane after a bungled attempt to ferry home Umaru Dikko in a crate! Such are "insults" not easily forgotten. And not easily forgiven!

A patriotic leader would not so compromise the security of his nation!

A man "brave" enough to generously dispense death should not hold on so tenaciously to his own life at the expense of his nation's security...especially if he is a soldier!

Even if his medical carers were to be imported onto our lands, they are to be so closely monitored so they have no room to play scientific pranks on his mind and person!

Ferrying him overseas is reckless!
As a true army general, Buhari should have shot himself if his infirmities would compel him to visit foreign lands for such custodial medical interventions!

And spare a nation of 200 million such massive security breach...

That's the stuff generals are made of!
Dr Tosin Akindele is currently writing his biography, The Tragedy of Truth. He is a doctor and public affairs analyst.

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