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This Macabre Dance 

Source: Dr. Tosin Akindele.

Here we are labouring hard to find solutions to the greed of Nigerian rulers. Day in day out. We task ourselves to write articles. We relentlessly scan the internet to see what fellow citizens are saying and solutions they proffer. We seize on opportunities to offer our opinions and respond just so this nation's affairs may be straightened out. As we do all this, we seem to forget that the Nigerian political class ever given to mischief and greed, may just be laughing at our backs, thinking: Apart from bribing judicial, security and electoral officers, recruiting and arming thugs, stealing votes and buying votes, we can always revert to the dance option"! Tinubu, like his political cohorts in PDP and elsewhere, would soon start actualising this dance option.

Market women would soon be coerced into buying Ankara uniforms and compelled or bribed to go on that lousy dance, singing all manner of they brace up to cancel out the carefully thoughtout votes of you and I.

Perhaps that's the main reason why he ensured that his daughter heads the market women association....

What are we doing to ensure that these masses of misguided elements do not cancel out votes?

And return our unrepentant legislooters to the "hallowed chambers" in 2019....

Dr Tosin Akindele is currently writing his biography, The Tragedy of Truth. He is a medical doctor and public affairs analyst.

"knowledge is not Power, what is Powre is knowledge rightly applied"
By: Hon. Editor, Joseph