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Irreplaceable Legend Ambassador Maitama Yusuf Sule, Dan masanin Kano Passed Away.

By HOPe AfricA
Late Ambassador Maitama Yusuf Sule
Late Ambassador Maitama Yusuf Sule
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The untold visit to Kansas City, Ambassador Maitama Yusuf Sule, Dan masanin Kano trip will largely be remembered not because of his eloquent speech “I have a dream that Nigeria is Going to be a Stable, Resourceful and Better Country”, but vowed to attend Zumunta Convention despite his health conditions, even if his attendance was going to be the last international engagement, as it is today, it could be the last. As such, Nigerians from all over Midwest purposefully appreciate his long lasting commitment to humanity, Nigeria and the black race. This is precisely what is expected of any distinguished leadership.

At that time, he embarked on an about 20 hours’ flight to United States with a forceful stop/sleep over at New York giving in to health issues and needing rest. Then Nigerian Consul General at New York Ambassador Habib Baba Habu warmly hosted Dan masanin Kano, the next day guided his team to board plane to Kansas City, where he stayed for about 5 days. At the convention, delivered a mind-blowing speech to teeming Nigerians from all over Midwest and America at large. Americans and immigrants’ attendees were flabbergasted, could not stop clapping with loud ovations intermittently. It was a well-attended event, tickets sold out to over 250 folks. After the occasion, patriots could not resist waiting in a long line, took pictures with him, many others received handshakes, autographs, prayers and words of wisdom. Both Ambassador Maitama Yusuf Sule and Ambassador Habib Baba Habu received Kansas City Mayor Key and plaques.

In support of Ambassador Slue’s attendance to alleviate Nigerians trip to obtain passports, kind hearted, Ambassador Habu directed his passport department from New York to attend the ceremony, issued quick passports to hundreds of children, women, youths and adults. The passport issuance exercise in Kansas City was well organized, excellent and first of its kind in the history of America and yet to be beaten.

Some of his like-minded, e.g. Nelson Mandela of South Africa, General Hassan Usman Katsina, Ciroman, Katsina. A divergent epitome of oneness, surprisingly, no one leader and stakeholders in Nigeria today that have not benefited directly or indirectly from the brave soldier. To the best our knowledge and research, never was Gen. Hassan was well acknowledged as other articulated Nigerians in his category. He independently and indiscriminately assisted Nigerians from North, South, East and West. Except if you never visited him in his lovely house in Kaduna. Having made these points, it is hoped that authorities, friends and families concerned will take it upon themselves to consider yearly prayer remembrance, startup a charity to refresh memories or merge with existing foundations for educational and historical purposes. Among other assistive programs, judiciously use generated resources to actualize dreams of women and youths to keep his memory in situ.

The aforementioned was to draw our attention to Ambassador Maitama Yusuf Sule, Dan masanin Kano, that all in charge of his activities of daily living, including mobility, integration, etc. must step up NOW and put together a foundation for an illustrious Nigerian son that suddenly passed away. It is expected that Northern Nigeria will play an important role in this exercise; Kano State should not be overburdened.

Due to previous unscrupulous death pronouncements of Ambassador Maitama Yusuf Sule's death, this was carefully reviewed in consultations with all eminent people, close associates, and Kano State Government before joining the world in this condolence exercise:

“PRESS RELEASE dated July 3rd, 2017: ANNOUNCING THE DEATH OF ALHAJI YUSUF MAITAMA SULE, DANMASANIN KANO - With a sorrowful heart, we announce the death of Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule, Danmasanin Kano this morning. He died in a hospital in Cairo, Egypt following a brief illness. We pray that Allah grants his soul eternal rest”, Nastura Ashir Sharif. Other than BBC News - Hausa Service, Deputy Governor of Kano State, Alhaji Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, Engr. Abdulrahaman Ahmed and famous Nollywood Actor Hamisu Lamido Iyantama all based in Kano also confirmed his death.

We have the highest remarks for Alh. Maitama Sule beyond our first contact and continued mutual relationships, as such Mr. William John based in the United Kingdom will lead HOPe Africa delegation to pay to Kano State Government and bereaved family final respect sometimes in August. Mr. William, a seasoned Haringey social worker will also take this opportunity to offer various services, not limited to setting up: “Ambassador Maitama Yusuf Sule Foundation”, compiling his speeches and his last days and reiterate wealthy Nigerians to start giving back to their respective communities, most importantly to compliment international investors and funding agencies.

Francis John
HOPe Africa, Kansas City USA