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Why Biafrans Boycott Elections in Nigeria

By Oguchi Nkwocha MD

When Biafrans boycott future elections in Nigeria, it won’t be because Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB, decreed it. It is clear that politics in Nigeria is played to cheat and mock Biafrans; it is deliberately designed to keep Biafrans at a distinct disadvantage, to make losers out of Biafrans. For this reason, clear-thinking Biafrans find no motivation or reason to participate in Nigeria’s politics or in Nigerian political parties’ activities. Each day, Biafrans are thinking more clearly.

For sure, we have history, experience and facts on this matter:

1) Ikemba Ojukwu joins Nigeria’s politics.
After the war and Ojukwu’s return to Nigeria, against wise counsel, he decided to join Nigerian politics. He was going to change the Nigerian system from the inside. He was going to look after the welfare of the Igbo through Nigeria’s political process. So went the reasoning and rationale. Can anyone here point out exactly what Ojukwu accomplished along those lines for Nigeria, for Biafra or even for himself by joining Nigerian politics? Did Ojukwu’s participation in Nigerian politics help anyone?

2) APGA joins Nigeria’s politics
This political party registered and operative in Nigeria was specifically formed to cater to the needs of Igbo Biafrans in Nigeria. Please educate us on what APGA has accomplished for Igbo Biafrans in Nigeria. Can anyone name even a single thing?

3) Ngige joins Nigeria’s politics
Or, is it Obi? Okorocha? Okorie? Orji Uzor Kalu – shall I continue? All these persons joined Nigerian politics. At some point, they must have declared their burning desire to help our people using Nigeria’s political process. Just what did Biafrans get from these persons who are thoroughly enmeshed in Nigerian politics?

4) Reps enjoy Nigeria’s politics
Do you know who your so-called representatives are at the state level and at NASS level? Is anyone of them talking about Biafra? Maybe the same one or two (bless their heart) whose voices have been thoroughly “droned” out by the drones purporting to represent you. What have they done for you using their good offices in Nigerian politics?

5) Governors are all in with Nigeria’s politics

How many governors from so-called Southeast in the history of Nigerian politics have advocated for Biafra, for our people, to protect us from the senseless punitive hardship deliberately inflicted on Biafra? Maybe Mbakwe: anyone else?

6) OHANEZE is Nigeria’s politics
OHANEZE does not hide its total commitment to Nigerian politics. What has OHANEZE done for Igbo Biafrans in Nigeria? Think about it. Name anything of benefit it has brought our people.

7) WIC loves Nigeria’s politics
WIC is so steeped in Nigerian politics that some members and officials come to the WIC jamborees with resumes prepared for Nigeria’s visiting politicians: they want to get into the action in Nigeria. Let’s count what WIC and its involvement with Nigerian politics and Nigerian politicians has done for Igbo Biafrans in Nigeria.

Biafrans can send any persons into Nigerian politics: the reps will not do anything for Biafra or for Biafrans. Biafra can start political parties in Nigeria, but there will not be any positive contribution by such parties to the life and welfare of Biafrans. Igbo Biafrans, especially Igbo elite, can love and steep themselves and their organizations in Nigeria’s politics all they want and perhaps reap personal benefits therefrom; the fact remains that Biafra and Biafrans have nothing positive to show for that. Let’s not even mention governors.

Let’s not pretend that we do not know why this is the case. We know. Nigeria knows. Then, let’s not continue to pretend that we can resolve and solve the problems by wishfully clamoring for and adopting Nigerian politics, even with new blood (new wine in old wine caskets?) That did not work in the past. It does not work now. It has never worked. There is no chance of its working in the future.

Think about it.
Oguchi Nkwocha, MD., MSc.
Nwa Biafra
A Biafran Citizen