Kemi Oluloyo is so notorious, why would anyone defend her? The manner and surreptitious way she was arrested is exactly how many innocent citizens disappear. There is no doubt that some people would abuse the role of the press to get facts out. However, if the choice we have is between abuse of free information and abuse by the powerful and the mighty, most people would err on the part of free press.

Pastor Ibiyeomea was able to get police as far away as Port Harcourt to arrest Kemi Oluloyo in Ibadan where the alleged defamation took place against him. Jurisdiction does not matter since police in Ibadan may not be competent enough or understand how to turn civil defamation into criminal defamation. One would expect this oppression of a citizen, no matter how notorious, could not take place in Nigeria where there is a tradition of vigorous press against oppressors.

Nigerian pastors are so powerful these days, they no longer wait for God to punish those that trespass against them, they employ the police and the courts to implement instant justice by locking up critics of their sexual escapades. It does not matter what evidence is provided by those they fornicate with, their believers and supporters remain unmoved by pastors’ guilt.

Whenever you have desperate people looking for salvation out of terrible situations as poverty, elusive diseases, bareness, barrenness or infertility or miracles; pastors get big congregations. Some of them display their power directly from God to cure, raise the dead, predict calamities and the demise of people except their own. Their followers would do anything asked as we saw in Kenya where pastor ordered his followers to eat grass.

There is certainly a link between some of these pastors that are sexual deviants whose only way of satisfying their lascivious appetite is by gathering many ladies looking for salvation and using them to gratify their sexual cravings. They are so rich and influential, their secret is well kept. A pastor of Faith Word Church International at Nii Boi in Accra, Ghana was arrested by police for rubbing olive oil in the vagina and on the clitoris of his church member .

We also saw how a man died after he had been nailed in a coffin on their way to church where he was supposed to be brought back alive in Nigeria. Some pastors are gullible, bold face criminals in cloaks. In South Africa, a 38-year-old woman narrated how, a self-acclaimed man of God paid an equivalent of about K30 thousand a week to a team of actors claiming to be just ordinary citizens to stage being healed.

Where do all these pastors get so much money from? We know some pastors have been caught in armed robbery but those are extremists. Many have built large congregation and followers, some of whom donate some of their loot with the hope that God would forgive them. At the same time, these flamboyant pastors with personal planes, mansions in and out of the country should be investigated for outrageous display of wealth.

Nigeria cases is more pathetic because it’s on a grander scale in a country where enormous amount of money can be made by oppressing and exploiting the poor and looting the treasury at the same time. Even other African countries wonder how much money is there in Nigeria after all the billions they hear about have been stolen. They are not the only ones, one of Nigeria’s head of states also wondered how Nigeria had not disintegrated after all that looting.

There is no dispute that many poor people would rather starve to death than see their pastors in their own condition. They are just like bees that adores and work for their queen. However, we do not have enough money from so many poor on religious opium to make so many pastors so rich watching them spend people’s offerings foolishly.

One of these days, we are going to discover that some of these pastors that are so filthy rich have other source of income like drug smuggling, running houses of prostitution and at least some have been found to be running baby factories after getting most of the women pregnant . The way they spend, not only locally but internationally, is simply beyond just tithes from their congregations. Unless they have money machines at home.

Mind you some of them have branches of their ministries overseas where tithes are collected and saved in foreign banks for the pleasure of their pastors to spend as he wishes. They also buy jets and mansions like the politicians and militaricians. This is how they can patronize international call girls, stars and even women of so called repute fascinated by power and money of the “holy” men of God.

We just have to pity members of their congregation that finance and build the school their own children cannot afford to attend. Politicians are not the only ones exploiting the poor, these pastors go even further. Pastors promise the poor heavenly riches after robbing them blind without pointing a gun like armed robbers. Whenever people are in need and may have exhausted every reasonable means of achieving their needs, they turn to miracles of pastors.

The fact that these pastors go untouched either by the law or the tax men show some forms of conspiracy between them and the politicians. After all, both are in the business of milking the poor and the country. The same way we cannot get rid of the mega enumerations of politicians despite all cries, triers and admonitions; the pastors are enjoying a free control of the people’s mind with the sole objective of dispossessing them like daylight robbers.

Pastors have turned religions into the biggest scam since the Europeans and Arabs dispossessed Africans of their cultures and replace them with foreign ones perpetuated, not by them, but by African grandfathers to father to son and daughters as give English and Arab names. Children in turn pass these religions and names on to their own offspring. The fastest growing religions are among the poor developing countries and the underclass, minorities in rich countries.

Pastors prey on, not pray! Some have taken religion and salvation out of the hands of God, into their own hands. Heavens only help those that help themselves. If God is anywhere, hear every language in every home, Continent; no need to bring God from Europe, Israel or Saudi Arabia.

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