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Global unrest: Cleric tasks mankind on renewed faith in God
Says ticket to heaven is total submission to God's will

By Nofisat Marindoti, The Nigerian Voice, Osogbo

A foremost religious leader and minister, God of Fire Global Evangelical Ministry (GOFGEM), Evangelist Peter Kolajo, has called for a renewed faith in God as panacea to end societal crisis and vices.

He said the world would only remain exacerbating if mankind fails to seek God's intervention into all anomalies that had become the order of the day.

This was part of the cleric's words while delivering his sermon at a special crusade in Osogbo, capital of Osun state.

Evangelist Kolajo who attributed the societal misnomers to adverse effects of foundational sins committed by the first beings, Adams and Eve, said not until every being seeks for liberation, the shackles of the sins would continue to torment the creation.

He admonished people to run to God and work in Him in order to stay connected and glued to His grace and as well being set free from satanic bondage and affliction.

According to the cleric, humanity is independent of evil acts and worldly things, because it is traced down to the genesis of human existence since the fall of Adams and Eve in the garden of Eden.

Coroborating his stance with biblical verses, Evangelist Kolajo referenced Genesis 3:16-24 where man and existence were profusely cursed to glorify undeserved struggle for human survival on earth.

Evangelist Kolajo stressed that the foundational sin was brought into the world as a result of the first man's sin, thus, death spread to human race as everyone delights in sin.

He said, "Genesis 3:16-24 says, "I will increase your trouble, you will have to work hard and sweat to make the soil produce anything. You were made from soil and you will become soil again.

"This is not Christianity neither Islam. This is not also about race or tribe but concerned deeply about everyone who finds him or herself in this world to know that he or she is connected to the unknown foundational sins.

"This is an indisputable fact on existence and mankind where the creator pronounced curse on humanity. We have all attested to this as victims of the sins of progeny.

"We are all suffering the consequences of the sins committed by our father and mother, and the only way out to this yoke is to renew our faith, close to God and seek for His forgiveness in cleansing our sins.

"Aside the sins committed by the first man, we as individuals are also products of sin as many do not care about their derailment from the path of God, while some do not even believe about the end day not to talk of judgement day.

"This has rendered opposing to one another as countries fighting one another for no just cause. Famine, earthquakes, strange diseases and other heinous acts had become norms in the universe.

"The respect for human dignity has been taken off the surface of the earth. Everyone does things according to his or her whims and caprices. We have deterred our creator for material things of the world. We all committed our souls to transitory things of the world.

"The ripple effects of sin expresses itself on countless generations. This was manifested in the lives of Abraham and his generation (Genesis 15:7-13). David and the family in the land, (Samuel 21:1-9). Jehu and Ahab's family (2kings 10:1-11). Jesus and his accusers (Mathew 27:25).

"But people in this world must nurture belief that would not only cleanse their hearts but also win them the ticket to paradise because one of the means to escape from unknown foundational sins is total submission to God's will", he warned.

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