Looters Feed Youths To Arabian Slavery Body Parts & Asian Death Penalty

Our young generation would rather face death penalty for drugs in Asia, drown in the sea, die as slaves in Arabian deserts, used as body parts than stay in Africa to fight their oppressors and looters for their future. We have seen repulsive and disturbing pictures of beautiful young men, women and children sacrificed for body parts. Yet some Africans wonder why they cannot share glamor or comfortable lives enjoyed overseas by their relatives that tell them not to come over.

During the Civil Riots in the 60s and 70s, some African parents also refused to send their children to study in America. It was Britain, Canada, Soviet Union or other African universities. The riots we all saw on television then, were gruesome and inhuman including violence leading to the assassination of President J. F. Kennedy, Civil Right leaders Martin L. King and Malcolm X.

There is nothing wrong with staying home and fighting for your future. If you hate to stay away because you have comfortable home to return to, you can study or use your vacation abroad. It seems many young folks are still excited by the outrageous lies their lucky relatives live abroad without telling them about sacrificing their indignity no matter highly skilled they are. They endure insult, abuse, discrimination and ridicule to avoid harsh realities without merit at home.

They are stuck between a rock and a hot place. Neither the rock nor a hot plate is comfortable enough to encourage relatives and friends into. Those that defied all odds are determined to venture out and experience the unimaginable consequences: too sad tales of failures, regret and embarrassment. Even before refugee crisis got so bad and politics turned sour, the free richest country in the world has more people in jail per capita than the communist countries.

African children are in tears overseas claiming they are treated worse at home! Do not cry for Africans, Africans must act because charity begins at home. Your salvation is not invitation letters from relatives overseas, it is your action at home. Until some African countries rise up and unlock the chain of economic injustice at home instead of selling its natural resources and people cheap, no black man will be respected anywhere in the world.

Nevertheless, Africans in Diaspora are generous and have been gracious with the amount of remittances they send home. However, it is not going to continue forever because the children of those sending money home will not continue since they lack the same emotional attachment to Africa. The more we destroy our countries in Africa out of selfishness, the least attractive it is for those children to point to a place they can be proud of to call home.

But some Africans abroad are not as generous to one another as they used to, because they have become infected with callousness and intolerance from their hosts resulting in the worst inhuman behavior to fellow Africans that have never existed before. If you saw video of Africans prostituting other Africans, it is true. If you saw video of Africans stifling Africans to death, it is true. If you see some lucky Africans that escape slavery, prostitution and drowning in the sea, pointing out another African that treated them worse than his employer, it is true.

What is not true is the claim that they did not know what they were getting into. Many swore allegiance to their recruiters in Africa before leaving to be prostitutes, maids, drug pushers, 419 and those grannie drug mules or courier in videos used to blackmail them if they reneged. Their relatives are not left off the hook, since poor parents get phone calls asking for ransom before their children are released from one slave master selling them to the next slave master.

Unfortunately, Asians are also recruiting for body parts marketing of young Africans from our countries as their passports and transportation are taken care of through various embassies. In the 21st century, Africans are going through another form of slavery even worse than they went through before because mass revolts are muted and our vagabond politicians are accomplices.

If you destroy your own countries in Africa, who will let you destroy theirs? There are two types of refugees running out of Africa. One of these had their lives in danger and faced imminent death if they do not flee. Unfortunately, the other is economic refugee. One is accepted as genuine refugee, the other is seen as opportunist. Some of these opportunists are so rich; they have given the poor students bad a reputation when competing for scholarships against locals.

Another class of refugees is those seeking medical treatment that would die if denied. Even this class, has been abused by unscrupulous characters that have looted either the treasury or stolen money from their companies seeking to have their children born overseas so that they could be conferred with automatic citizenship at birth, while wrecking their home countries.

Humans like to travel wide but there is no place like home. In the days Africans could not wait to finish their studies so that they could go back home, African Americans and British Africans followed their colleagues home to be free of discrimination. They had movements of “Back To Africa” in the days they were told Africans were less than human; and should be glad they were brought as slaves overseas. Today our young people are spending a fortune to travel there.

One would think that the inhuman treatment of our young people outside Africa would wake our politicians up to provide enabling environment for young folks in order to survive at home. No, they do not care, thinking their loot would buy them and their children a peace of mind abroad. Some of them are stripped at the airports, jailed for money laundering or other crimes and their money confiscated: denying Africans countries foreign cash and leaving us in ruins.

The whole world watch as Nigerian politicians stuff foreign currencies in sewage tanks, burial ground, rented apartments but none put into local hospitals, schools and factories. They travel abroad at any cost for ready-made schools and hospitals they refuse to provide at home. No amount can save their lives anywhere. If you do not cry for African children, you are not human.

Oh, there are patriotic Africans that have given their best to their countries. As soon as they build and take a few steps forward, destroyers and vultures come to regress their effort taking many steps back. No matter how hard common people work and produce, it is never enough because mis-educated African and foreign economists intentionally give false reasons to devalue their efforts and currencies in order to pay for projects that can only benefit a few.

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