Hammanadama Jabbari Hammanjoda: A Well-Deserved Appointment

By Usman Santuraki

A good begining has a good ending. This aptly captured the appointment of Malam Hammanadama Jabbari Hammanjoda, as the new Chairman of Adamawa State Board of Internal Revenue by the Governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla.

The appointment was made in the right direction for the simple fact, that he was the Director of Collection where his department can be described as the life-wire of the board as anything being collected by the board as collection was made from his office. In other words, his former office was the engine room of the board.

His appointment was strictly based on merit as it is through a competitive process, that he emerged victorious in the interview conducted with the other contenders.

It is important for the new Chairman of the board, to assiduously worked for the good of the state through the initiation of ways to boost revenue generation, that would complement the statutory allocation from the federation account. As the former Direction of Collection, the new Chairman, is in better position to enhance the revenue drive of the government at the Adamawa State Board of Internal Revenue.

Malam Hammanadama Jabbari Hammanjoda, should use the position to articulate the sources of revenues accruing to the government in order to bring the dividend of democracy to the people. With Hammanadama Jabbari Hammanjoda on the saddle, expectation is right now high for the simple fact, that he is workaholic in nature and there is no doubt whatsoever, that the government of the day under the able leadership of Governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, has made the right choice in making him the new Chairman of the Adamawa State Board of Internal Revenue. With the dwindling fortunes in the economy, there is the need to explore avenues which would increase the generation of revenue to the government so as to carry developmental projects for the benefit of the people of the state.

He would blocked all holes hitherto use to temper with what need to go into the coffers of the government. Commenting on the new appointment of the new Chairman, Malam Ahmed Babangida, a resident of Gwadabawa ward, said, that the government made the right choice to head the revenue board. This is because the Chairman is somebody, who believe in delegation of responsibility and also allowing a level playing field for the staff to do their job. Infact, the dawn of a new era is in place with the appointment of this young but energetic fellow to steer the ship of the board at this period of time, that government at almost all levels is looking for money to execute meaningful programmes and projects for the overall benefit of the people.

The appointment come at a better time, that all hands should be at deck to salvage the state from the shackles of want and deprivation. It is imperative to stress the very fundamental fact, the new Chairman should as a matter of principle rejuvenate and reinvigorate the board in order to achieve the desired objectives of the present adminsituation. That places greater premium of getting substantial revenue for the good of the state and its people. The entire staff of the board should extend their support to the new Chairman in order to achieve the desired goals of the philosophy of the present administration of Governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, that want to make a great difference in the state in no distant future.

Congratulation for this worthy appointment. And may God guide you.

Usman Santuraki
No2 Santuraki Close

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