Examination of Some Public Thoughts About President Buhari's Health Status:

By Nelson Ekujumi

Prior to President Muhammadu Buhari's public appearance at Friday's Jumat prayer service in Abuja on 5th May 2017 after about two weeks absence, the rumour mill was agog with all sorts of insinuations and assumptions about his health status which exposed the amusement that has become our lot of late and one cannot but exclaim, what a people!

Despite President Buhari's health challenges, his aides and handlers have repeatedly informed the nation that the country's number one citizen was observing rest based on medical advise and that he is still performing his executive functions, but to naysayers, this is not true on the basis that Mr. President has been absent from 2 meetings of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) and upper week Friday Jumat prayer service as if the functionality of the President and government is determined solely by the President's physical presence at FEC meeting and Jumat prayers.

Unfortunately, we are in a critical period in our country's political history in which the division of the people along primordial lines is very prevalent and we prefer to listen only to ourselves against rationality and logic. What a pity that we are now at our lowest ebb psychologically, but we are very hopeful that this is just a phase which will sooner or later, become history.

In view of Mr. President's health challenges, Nigerians have been expressing sentiments along different lines, while some have been expressing genuine humane concerns, it is not unexpected that some persons and interests concern is borne more out of mischief than good because according to my Yoruba people, "let's close our eyes and pretend as if we are dead and see those who will weep and be pained about one's demise", hence to such people, its payback time for the Nigerian people who to them, were foolish or stupid to have voted for President Buhari at the 2015 polls against their candidate and hero.

But we are unmoved because we know and believe that God's plan for President Buhari and Nigeria, is that of good and not evil, notwithstanding the machinations of man.

However, one is going to examine some lines of thoughts that was in the public domain then, in order to analyze the logic and rationality contained therein.

Firstly, for those who were making unsubstantiated assumptions about Mr. President's health condition just because they are embittered that its no longer business as usual, may the Lord forgive and change them from their ways of the past, but if they refuse to repent, as its indisputable that when the wood insect gathers sticks, on its head it carries them, so may their plots consume them.

Secondly, there were those calling on Mr. President to go on medical vacation and handover to the Vice President because of his health condition.

A. If we may ask this class of Nigerians, when Mr. President traveled to London on medical vacation on January 19th 2017 and transmitted power constitutionally via a correspondence with the national assembly, where they the ones that advised him to do so?

B. How did they arrive at their conclusion of advising Mr. President to go on medical vacation when they are not privy to his medical records nor are they his medical team who are in charge of his health case file?

C. One is shocked and disappointed that in this age and time, people can rush to take positions on national issues without supporting facts, very sad indeed.

Thirdly, the school of thought calling on Mr. President to disclose his health status are not out of place, but its unfortunate that such call does not have the backing of law, but is being made more as a moral demand which is the prerogative of President Buhari to accede to or reject.

Expectedly, since President Buhari public appearance, the music has changed and the people on the other side of the divide are now singing a new tune, in line with the tenets of democracy which emphasizes that while the majority will have their way, the minority must not be denied the opportunity to have their say, so we should just lower our heads in shame at how humanity is debased.

At this juncture, one must admonish Nigerians to remain ever vigilant, focused and continue to pray that God strengthen President Buhari and grant him wisdom to pilot the Nigerian ship on the path to El dorado.