Dear Northern Provocateur: Was Buhari Ijaw When He Fought For Yar'Adua's Impeachment?

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Honestly! Tell me you are not sick and tired of these kind of people...these ethnojingingoists. These sworn tribalists..

It did not take them long to start declaring the demand for transparency on president Buhari's illness and urgent consideration of the best options for him and Nigeria as political and tribal stints. Of course they would. It is after all the only thing they know. It's their only currency. Their eyes are vertical slits. Unlike the rest of us with many prisms, they have just one blurred lens to view the world...and they take turns to look through it, as sage Fela once sang. Blind people; blinded by tribalism. Do they not know that tirbalism is from satan the first tribalist?, who rejected bowing to Adam on the premise of being made of superior material.

They hate Buhari. All they see is 'power,' 'my people,' 'their people.' 'Politics.' 'Fulani,' 'Yoruba,' 'Igbo,' Hausa.' They see Buhari 'dying,' weak beyond words; nothing more than skin and bones and have no empathy. I can't help but borrow the term, 'corpsocracists,' from FFK to describe them.

To them we say: gerrara here! Was Buhari Ijaw and when he asked for Yar'Adua to come clean on his health and be impeached so Jonathan could become President? Mumus. Hypocrites. Never tired of carrying last, people. Proud to always 'win' at the bottom in the global race.

I don't blame them. I blame the media that gives them space to propagate their myopia. I even blame myself for scanning over their headlines trying to politicize and tribalize our request for decency and honesty from the president's handlers who lie through their teeth only to be debunked by Buhari himself who said he had never been so sick in his entire life.

Oh! When we were fighting for Buhari, why didn't you dissuade and 'correct' us to campaign and vote for someone from our village? I guess cat got your tongue then. Or you really do think we voted for Buhari 'cuz he was from the north?, and that we believe in the unconstitutional and cave-era "rotation of power" bullocks? Anuofia! Fake people who neither respect the laws of God nor man.

Again we say, GERRARA HERE! You are the stubborn chewed gum that remains stuck to the bottom of our shoes. You are a nightmare. You are living and breathing unrelenting humanoid manifestations of colonial divide and rule subjugation mentality that stubbornly refuses to die. So rotten, you are what vultures left behind.

You hate Buhari and hate yourselves and don't even know it.

Keep shouting. North and South, no one is listening. We are moving forward.

On your tombstone we shall write: Here Lies a Tribal Bigot, Stubborn as a Goat.

Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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