Deputy Senate President Ekweremadu Cheap Blackmail Against EFCC as Legislative Rascality

By Nelson Ekujumi

Just this evening on a national TV station at 10pm, one watched the PDP caucus of the national assembly alledge that the Presidency using the EFCC wants to arrest deputy senate President, senator Ike Ekweremadu and all other former PDP governors who are now senators as well as dissenting voices in the APC.

If one may ask, does the office of the deputy Senate President have immunity against arrest?

From one's reading of the relevant section of the 1999 constitution as amended, the category of public officers who are immuned from arrest are the President, Vice President, Governors and deputy governors.

Thus one is appalled and ashamed that our senators can be so irresponsible to resort to cheap blackmail against an agency of the state in an obviously orchestrated plot meant to intimidate and distract the anti graft agency from its statutory functions.

This irresponsible and irresponsive act of blackmail by our senators using the office of th deputy Senate President is nothing but legislative rascality which stands condemned.