Buhari's Illness: Umar RA Could Not Believe The Prophet of Islam Could Die

It is narrated in Islam that when the news of the Prophet's death came out, many Muslims were confused and stunned. His close companion Umar RA was so overcome with emotions that he drew his sword and declared, "If anyone says that the Messenger of Allah is dead, I will cut off his head."

To clear up this problem, another companion, Abu Bakr RA arrived and gave his famous address:

"O People! If anyone among you worshipped Muhammad, let him know that Muhammad is dead. But those who worshipped Allah, let them know that He lives and will never die. Let all of us recall the words of the Qur'an. It says: 'Muhammad is only a Messenger of Allah, there have been Messengers before him. What then, will you turn back from Islam if he dies or is killed?'"

In Nigeria today, likewise there are people who wish to cut the neck of anyone that says Buhari is seriously ill and in need of specialized care in spite of overwhelming evidence. They worship Buhari like God.

We must face it as Nigerians:
Buhari is chronically ill.
Buhari is not coherent. As he came in from the UK, his only talk to Nigerians was not normal. The BBC noted that he was "rambling" in that address. He is not OK to administer right now and is being manipulated by his handlers who produce all his more-frequent-than-normal public alleged utterances.

Buhari under the weight of his chronic ailment with his third-degree weight loss and associated loss of vital energy with evident dependence on cell-toxic medication cannot think straight. He goes in and out of delirium if not additionally suffering form some forms of encephalopathy.. This is my best medical professional analysis.

We must recognize that the cabal and media spokes-people lie to us. They kept saying Buhari was hale and hearty in London, but when he returned he told us the truth – that he was more sick than he has ever been in his life. They lie. His handlers are liars. When it comes to Jollof rice, they happily undermine Nigeria and "cannot lie", if they actually believe we are not #1, but when it comes to Buhari they are swift to lie through their teeth.

The cabal do not have Buhari's best interest at heart. They have their interests and not Buhari's or Nigeria's. We read numerous pieces especially in SaharaReporters while Buhari was in the UK, that the cabal wanted to bundle him down against doctors' advice. Today, clearly the same cabal would not want to allow him travel so they have to return to sit by him in the UK, leaving their happy seats in Aso Rock with the oil and the money.

The cabal want chaos to rule rather than risk losing their strangle-hold on power. We must realize how desperate they are. They would rather put Nigeria in the hands of the indicted Senate betrothed to corrupt Nigerian establishment than hand over to Buhari's trusted choice, the apparently intelligent and progressive Vice once more. They felt hopeless when Buhari returned and positively appraised the work of professor Osinbajo and gave him more powers. They did not like the progress Nigeria enjoyed and its growth in wealth and status.

We must realize that the things happening in Nigeria lately are not Buhari's orders. This is obvious. Everything is very different than we know Buhari does things. Buhari is no longer in charge. The cabal are in charge. And the cabal are heartless, they are not like Buhari or Osinbajo. Think of the GrassCutter who steals from displaced persons in the Boko Haram-ravaged northeast, to have an idea of the wicked nature of the cabal. They are not human beings!

These wicked cabal are sponsoring rumors that Buhari was poisoned so as to guarantee chaos in Nigeria. Before it is too late we must fight for a full disclosure of his health records with his signature on it or we will never as a nation recover from the work of the mischief makers. Buhari must clear the air on this for the gullible and misled fanatics before it is too late.

It is time for Nigerians to fight for Buhari.
It is time that in Buhari's interest, the senate is forced to intervene as prescribed by the constitution and he is given independent physical and mental evaluation and recommended the best care.

We must not aide those who rather detain an "incoherent", terribly weak Buhari within the walls of the Villa than allow him get the best therapy and rest he desires and deserves to get.

Nigeria's president is being manipulated and propped-up. Buhari and Nigeria are in danger.

It is time to fight and protest for our future.
If you truly love Buhari then you should join us in this battle to save him.

May God deliver Buhari.
May God deliver Nigeria.
Dr. Perry Brimah

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