Group Advises President Muhammed Buhari To Resign

By Japhet Omene

The Organisation for Global Youth Peace Empowerment and Development Initiative (OGYPEDI) whose core mandate is to advocate for peace, youth empowerment and good governance,has strongly advise president Buhari to step down.

The National coordinator Mr.Japhet Omene made the statement yesterday in Osogbo, Osun State during the organisation’s emergency meeting. Since the president came back to the country from his medical leave abroad he has been inept, inactive and silent which is a bad omen for the country, it is very glaring and conspicuous the president needs rest to recover well, but we advise him to resign on health issues.Nigerians are expecting the president to address some issues facing the country presently but which may not be possible as he's not agile to carry out these national assignments any longer. Nigerians are still waiting for the change he promised during the campaign.

Also speaking on the same vine Mr.Mark Ayasal North West Coordinator of the Organisation said Nigerians need a strong, active and healthy president who can tackle the problems of the country, let's not forgot we are currently facing a lot of problems ranging from economic downturn,herdsmen menace,uprising from different angles in the country and high level of unemployment.We advise the president to step down for the interest of Nigerians who voted for him and wanted change.

If the president should resign, he will always be remembered and celebrated for solving one of the country’s problem.

We urge Nigerians to continue to pray for our leaders and the country at large, they should also maintain peace in all circus and make love reign irrespective of political party and religion.