The Dutch Ministry of Health(GGD) honours Nigerian Community in The Netherlands


The Nigerian Community in The Netherlands was on Saturday, 22 April,2017, honoured by the presence of The Dutch Ministry of Health (GGD) in a health seminar organized by the Nigerian National Association-The Netherlands (NNA-NL) in Amsterdam-The Netherlands under the leadership of Chief Evelyn Azih.

Amongst the health topics treated are ways of maintaining the physical, emotional, and social human health through living a healthy lifestyle as a way to prevent and control the spread of diseases.

Obesity was pinpointed as the cause of most of the health related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and muscle pain.

This they said, could be controlled through regular medical checkups, exercise, eating balanced diets, lots of fruits, and drinking enough water daily, Much emphasis was laid on the need for every individual to have at least, 8 hours sleep every day and maintain constant communication and networking to reduce stress and avoid depression. This they advised could be achieved through belonging to social organizations and getting involved in Community service.

The Health lecture was, indeed, interactive and very educative.

The President of the Nigerian Community in The Netherlands, Chief Evelyn Azih thanked the Dutch Government especially, the Ministry of Health (GGD) for extending this kind gesture to Nigerians residing in The Netherlands and assured them that Nigerians are hard working and law abiding citizens. She promised to maintain the cordial relation between Nigeria and The Netherlands and called for more Business to Business Cooperation,