EXPOSED!!! Top 14 Reasons Why Showbiz Entrepreneurs In Abuja Take Years To Make Fame

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The federal capital of Nigeria - Abuja is an emerging hub of entertainment in Africa with regards to its fast rising development in all human facets. Though, a very small state compared to Lagos that can be equated to three countries in one. Yet the rate of quality entertainment or better put showbiz is not improving.

Abuja to a large extent is old enough to start chumming out top stars or producing A'list events but with every Tom, Dick and Harry jumping into the ring of entertainment production without a consequent scale to judge, they always celebrate their unimpressed performance. Showbiz Entrepreneurs settle for Abuja best, losing sight of the fact their there is not graduate in learning especially as they don't task themselves to emulate from established or successful event practitioners. Though, some Abuja clubs or lounges do not help as they accord them empty celebrity status where same people can not get close to the street of Lagos clubs.

Well, it is pertinent to buttress who these showbiz entrepreneurs in Abuja could be. They are event organisers, pageant producers, musical artists, event promoters, comedians, showbiz brands, entertainment publishers etc. For print, magazine or online publishers, it beats ones imagination to see them build with pride even when about 50 persons read their posts or 100 copies of publication are produced for an edition particularly for those featured! Haba! Let's put passion in our businesses or careers which is devoid of acrimony, back bitting, castigations, malice, propaganda or even witch hunting.

We have exclusively x-rayed top reasons Abuja Showbiz entrepreneurs are either slow in growth, can not be celebrated outside their location or can not stage any show that can make their fans end show with a head held high. Though, we still have selected few that are on point and can be rated better or even thesame class of other A'list entrepreneurs. Kudos to them for their sacrifice for fame and recognitions

See reasons below:
• They are myopic with the level of Opportunities in their territory as such don't have productive or striving patience to hit goldmine especially with resources at their disposals.

• They fail to study the scope of their showbiz environment to know what actually excites their target market so as to be abreast with the demands of their supposed fans or clients.

• They do not have the intellectual ingredients to remain at the level of their top or fame for a long time, as they obviously lack consistent and diligence to remain in demand

• They do not accept healthy competition that could propel them to greater heights rather they dwell in destructive or back stabbing gimmicks to drag down their colleagues. They don't celebrate the adage; if you can't beat them, you join them.

• They practically judge their growth or fame with their colleagues or people within the industry as such they don't strive for the top because few people chant praises of them in their locality....they feel they have arrived, not knowing that they are lily livered low down failures.

• They rate or judge their prospects or achievements with few Naira or gratification given to them in Big shows that they would have raked in millions in Abuja because they either under price themselves or do not know the value of their worth. For desperation to pay minor bills they settle for any cost or even free just for thank you for coming.

• Their growth is usually stagnated or very slow because they hardly pay for services that would add value to their career or projects instead they regard cunny friendshi‎p as yardstick to avoid paying their bills that will favour them both in promotion, management and bookings.

• They silently and sometimes openly slander or attack their colleagues or industry friends who they feel ‎have stepped up his or her game. An effort to assist or support them, is an open invitation to bring you down to the level all of them can conglomerate in thesame proximity.

• A lot of them are bereaved of ideas or contents to remain in the industry as 80% of them are in the industry because lack of employment or poor certificates to get a good paying job. That is why majority of them who claim to be showbiz entrepreneurs jump from one entertainment project to another so as to put food on their table.

• A good number of the showbiz practitioners are particularly concerned with the number editions they have done in their projects or events instead of rating their growth performance or income advantage. They brag of their consistent watery yearly editions that still leave them to husttle from hand to mouth.

• They protect their contacts or prospective sponsors from anyone for fear that if he or she assist their colleague, he will either be better than them or snatch him or her from them. Funny enough they end up losing their contact who usually discover how empty they can be.... don't forget if your "contact" knows your worth or what you can offer he will always return to you even if you make him extend favour to others.

• Majority of Showbiz entrepreneurs do not sustain or maintain business relationships. They are particularl about what they will benefit from their clients or colleague today not minding that tomorrow is pregnant. They usually burn or break the bridges or ladder when they cross or climp temporarily.

• 90% of Showbiz Entrepreneurs in the capital city lack packaging. They find it difficult to invest in themselves or their brand. They always feel anything goes as such they consider less of their appearance, performance, presentation, resolution ‎and evaluation.

• They do not have formidable union or sincere collective drive to push forward or celebrate their own, it's always a case of accusations and counter- accusations. They hardly flow in thesame attention aggregate without having Judas in their midst.

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